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Sammy and the missing Rierndeer Part 8

Before the next part starts, there are three chapters left and they will appear next Wednesday, Friday and the final part on Christmas Eve. Thanks for reading and enjoy the next chapter of Sammy. Anthony

"Sammy are you sure you want to do this?" Asked Emily taking my hand

We were standing outside of a pub called the Northern Star, in the middle of London, the streets filled with people on their morning commute rushing past us as we stood outside staring at the brickwork waiting for our contact to meet us. Having travelled here from Paris, we had parked up and slept in the Van of Dreams, getting some much needed rest. Laura had told us that the three men wanting to meet us would be here for 9am and we weren't to be late if we wanted to get the Leprechaun back, our only hope of finding Vixen and Comet before it was too late. The details of how they had captured the Leprechaun and from where were a little sketchy to say the least but our London contact would be here any minute, and it would be through him that we would make contact with the other three men.

"I don't have a lot of choice really do I?" I shrugged knowing that she knew the answer already.

"Sammy, you do know we are all here to help you don't you?" she said squeezing my hand softly

"I know and I appreciate it, its just sometimes I feel like this is all my fault and I have to fix it. I thought I'd dealt with Carl last time, that we wouldn't have to deal with this all again and yet here we are 7 years later and were still having deal with his madness. How can someone be that bitter, so twisted that they just cant allow things to be and people to be happy? I don't get it Emily I really don't" I so was frustrated, charging around the world at Carl's beck and call , when I should be planning Christmas and then making sure that everything was in place for my proposal to Emily.

"Sammy its not your fault okay" she stepped towards me and gave me a hug. I don't think I have needed one more than that moment in time. We stood there holding each other reassuring each other that everything would be okay and not seeing the young Elf who had walked up behind us until he gently coughed to let us know he was there.

"Morning Old chap" he said "I'm Edward Shropshire your London contact, you must be Sammy, good to meet you old chap" he put his hand out for a handshake and I shook it warmly. He was dressed in a dark blue suite, that fit him as if it had been made to measure, a bowler hat sat atop his head and his shoes shinned so brightly you could see your face in them.

"Hello" I replied suddenly aware that I was in the same clothes I had left the North Pole in a few days before.

"Shall we go in?" He asked smiling warmly at us both. "Unfortunately the meeting can only be between myself and Sammy" he said looking at Emily in a way that she wouldn't take offence at.

"That's okay Ill wait in the Van" she said kissing me on the cheek and whispering to me to be careful.

"Well Sammy you've had quite an adventure so far haven't you?" he said walking towards the pub.

It was covered in Ivy on the outside, there were Christmas decorations hanging in the window's and a sign outside advertising all you can eat breakfasts for £5.99. If I hadn't have eaten so much in Paris with the three Nannies I may well have tried it but I wasn't here for food I was here to find the Reindeer.

"The gentleman your meeting are an acquired taste to say the least" he said "They are what's known of around these parts as people who walk a thin line between right and wrong and are not to be crossed at any stage. do you understand?" He said reaching for the door handle.

"I think so" I said as I walked through the door he held open and into the pub.

It wasn't very busy, there was a bar in front of us, about chest height, with lots of different beer pumps on it, bottles of spirits' were hanging upside in brackets on the mirrored back wall. There was a large gentleman behind the counter, a pen in his mouth and a paper lay on the counter that he was studying intently. His head was a shiny and bald and he didn't even raise his head as Edward walked towards him.

"Good Morning Old chap are they here yet?" He asked smoothing down his suite

"Yeah over there" he said pointing to the far corner of the pub.

"Thank you kind Sir" Edward said and gestured for me to follow him towards the men sitting in the corner of the pub tucking into the biggest fried breakfast Id ever seen.

"Sammy may I introduce you to our contacts Paul Frankincense, Albert Gold and Terry Myrrh also known as The Three Wise Men of London, who between them help the poor by robbing the rich and keeping 10% of what they get. They are some of London's must up standing gentleman and people that I am honoured to call friends. However don't ever cross them Sammy as people have been known to take long walks of off short piers in concrete boots." He smiled taking a seat at the table.

"Never proved" said the one called Paul Frankincense, he was the youngest of the three medium height in a red and check lumber shirt and blue jeans, his hair thick and styled into a quiff. He was busy shuffling bake beans into his mouth hungrily

"Yes quite" said Edward smiling "May Sammy sit down gentleman so as we can discuss our little problem" he asked pulling a chair out for me

"He was anything but little" said the one called Terry Myrrh laughing as he mopped up his egg yolk with a piece of white buttered bread, he was the middle aged one, dressed in a blue tracksuit with white stripes down the sides and a sweatband on his head. His hair thinning on top.

"Mind you he didn't half moan didn't he?" laughed the one called Albert Gold as he sipped from his mug of tea. The eldest of the three he was dressed in a jumper and shirt that didn't quite match colour wise and his hair was more white than grey, what was left of it.

"Well he didn't want to get in there did he?" Paul Frankincense shook his head at the memory laughing to himself as he did so

"With a bit of a push he did though didn't he" said Terry Myrrh wiping his hand across his mouth

"That he did, that he did" said Albert Gold putting his mug down on the table  "Now then young Sammy how can we be off assistance?" he asked

Edward smiled at me and pointed to a chair for me to sit down in. I nervously sat and rubbed my hands down the legs of my jeans trying to not let them see how nervous I was.

"Well" I started

"Speak up lad can't hear you with all that whispering" Albert said loudly

"I believe you may have a Leprechaun I'm looking for" I said nervously not sure how this was going to go

"Do you now?, and what makes you think that?" said Paul crossing his arms across his chest

"I hate people spreading rumours about us" said Terry pushing his empty plate across the table in front of him

"I didn't mean any offence" I stammered

"Didn't you now?, Well you come in here, disturb our breakfast and start saying you think we have something you want, that's rather rude to be honest wouldn't you agree gents?" Albert said looking at the others

"Very rude" said Paul nodding

"No manners at all" said Terry shaking his head.

"Do you know what we do to people who don't have any manners?" Albert asked leaning across the table

"No" I shook my head trying to work out if I could make it to the door before they grabbed hold of me.

"We do this to them" said Paul pushing a big black leather bag out from underneath the table

That was it I stood up and started to run towards the door, I could feel a hand on my shoulder and as I turned to shake it off I saw Edwards face with a huge grin on it. I stopped not sure what was going on as the Three Wise Men laughed so loud that they had tears rolling down their cheeks and slapping each other on the back.

"Get over here my son" said Paul "Were only messing aren't we lads"

"That we are" said Terry wiping the tears from his eyes.

"But you may want to see what we have in the bag" said Albert the smile disappearing from his face

I slowly walked back to the table, Edward by my side and sat down in the same chair. I was angry and scared and I wanted to just get out of there. I didn't like people making fun of me I had enough to do without all this going on.

"Well?" I asked impatiently waving my hands in the air

"Sammy mate were sorry okay, its just that we have this reputation and every now and then we like to play up to it, Edward here knows that don't you?" Paul said pushing the bag into the middle of the room,.

Edward nodded in agreement.

Albert and Terry went to each end of the bag and started to undo the zip slowly. I stood there watching as the bag started to move about a little and then stopped as they tipped it over and there in front of me on the floor was a Leprechaun bound at the feet and hands a gag in his mouth

"I I I I'm not sure" I stammered in shock at the Leprechaun that now lay at my feet his eyes wide with fear.

"No, No, Sammy mate, no need to thank us its all part of the service" they all started to laugh again as if this was the most natural thing in the world.

"Thank you? Service?" There was something I was missing here I was sure of it.

"Well let Edward" explain said Albert, "Anyone want more tea?"

"I will, thanks Bert" said Paul

"Yep me too" said Terry sitting back down at the table

"Well?" I arsed looking at Edward

"Oh right sorry got a little caught up in the moment and all that, right let me begin, we had word that a Leprechaun was seen with some Reindeer wandering around London and well that's nor normal is, so after a little investigating and Laura calling me when you all first started your trip to find them I knew if anyone could find them it would be The Three Wise Men, they put some feelers out, is that how you say it?" He asked looking at the three of them, they nodded and he carried on "They contacted me last night to let me know they had dealt with the problem as it were." he shrugged

"But the Reindeer?" I asked nervously

"They are fine Sammy mate" said Albert "Well as fine as they can be with those wires they are hooked up to, we didn't try and take them off as Edward here said it was somehow linked together with the others but Dancer and Dasher are fine and said to tell you so"

"That's right "Edward said "I can take you to them when your ready"

"What about him?" I said pointing at the Leprechaun on the floor

"Oh don't worry about him" said Paul "He's seen the error of his ways and is now going to be a model citizen aren't you?" he said poking him with his foot

The Leprechaun just nodded

"Good lad" said Terry "Right then if you don't need us for anything else here's the address and well let you be on your way" he handed me a piece of paper with an address written on it

"Hold on a minute" said Paul "Aren't you forgetting something?"

"Am I?" asked Terry

"The other bit of information we got out of him?" said Albert

"Oh right, yes of course" said Terry reaching into a pocket of his tracksuit and pulling a piece of paper from it, "Here you go mate" he said handing it over to me

"What's this?" I asked unfolding it and seeing an address on it

"That's where in New York that Cupid and Vixen are being kept" he said matter of factually

"But how?" I asked shocked

"Oh we have our ways and to be honest you don't want to know" Paul said looking at the Leprechaun was trying to wriggle his way across the floor

"Get back here" he said putting his foot on the Leprechaun's legs "We told you we would let you go as soon as we had seen Sammy so chill out a little bit okay"

"Thank you" I said reaching to shake their hands, which they warmly received and shook.

"Our pleasure son, the Boss speaks very highly of you" said Albert

"You know Father Christmas?" I asked not able to keep the surprise out of my voice.

"Of course I do" he said "We go way back me and Frank, known each other since we were nippers the story's I could tell you about him and his brother Clarence, would make your hair curl" he said sipping his tea

"Clarence who's Clarence?" I asked

"You didn't know he had a brother then?" Albert asked "I'm not surprised he doesn't talk about him much I shouldn't have said anything me and my big mouth"

"You cant leave the lad hanging like that" said Paul crossly

"We have to go" said Edward shooting Albert a look that I wasn't supposed to see.

"Am I missing something here I asked?" not moving from here I stood even though Edwards was trying to pull me away

"Tell him!" said terry looking at Albert

"Not my place" he said crossly

"Well you started to tell him so now finish it!" Paul demanded

"I can't its not my place Ive said too much" Albert replied angrily

"Then who's place is it!" I demanded to know

"Sammy there are things going on here, history that you don't understand, these things are best left in the past" he wouldn't look at me as he said hiding behind drinking his tea

"Tell me!" I shouted "Me and my friends are travelling all over the world here trying to get the reindeer back in time, after that we then have to find Father Christmas and Mrs Christmas and Rudolph so if you know something then I suggest you tell me!" I thumped my hand on the table and made the mugs of tea jump and spill across the table

"I cant" he said "But if you got to New York ill make sure that there ate people there who will tell you everything, okay do you understand?" he said placing his mug back on the table

"I don't have a lot of choice do I?" I replied angrily

"Sammy trust me these are good people they were there when it all happened, I only know what I was told, they saw it first hand" He looked me in the eyes as he said it and I got a sense that whatever it was that he wasn't telling me wasn't because he didn't want to, it was genuinely because he couldn't..

"Who are these mysterious people?" I asked losing patience

"They live in New York and they are the oldest friends that Mrs Christmas has in this whole world, they grew up together and were around at the very end when it all fell apart. They will find you, Ill make sure of it. Just land the Van in Times Square and Ill make sure they are there to meet you" he said

"I have your word?" I asked

"You have my word" he nodded

"And Sammy" Paul called as I walked "If the stories I've been told are true, then you are in far more danger than you think you are, be careful who you trust"

I nodded and walked out of the pub and once again into the unknown.

To be continued..................

Friday, 8 December 2017

Sammy and the missing Reindeer Part 7

"I'm sorry Sammy its all my fault I should have been more careful" said Jacob sadly holding onto the net that now held us.

"Don't be silly no ones blaming you, we all rushed in here as if nothing was wrong we should have known better, finding the Reindeer hasn't been that easy so far" I was trying to keep everybody calm as we hung in the air. The four Leprechaun's were standing below us and prodding us with their fingers through the holes.

"Would you be kind enough to remove your bum from my face Tommy" Williams voice was slightly muffled due to Tommy actually sitting on his head.

"And where exactly would you like me to put it?" Tommy asked angrily. He had a point we were all tangled up and not very comfortable, the Reindeer in front of us staring at us and unable to help as they were chained up with muzzles on their mouths to keep them from warning us as we entered the building. We were well and truly trapped for now.

Suddenly the lights turned on and we all tried to see what was happening but all I could hear was a tapping sound slowly coming towards us, as I was facing the other way and unable to move around.

"I hear something" said Michael whispering

"Really I thought that was the sound of the clock ticking" said Jack sarcastically

"Let them down, oh and don't be gentle about it" the voice was coming from below us and to my right hand side. I strained to see but couldn't.

"Hold tight everybody" I said as we all suddenly fell onto the ground in a big heap.

"Well look what we have hear" the voice said now standing in front of me. "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Pierre and I am in charge of things here in Paris, a beautiful city I think you'll agree. I would say its a pleasure to meet you, but well I don't think you feel the same way at the moment do you" He said shrugging his shoulders.

I slowly managed to get to my feet and there stood a Leprechaun smartly dressed in a purple velvet suit, a yellow frilly shirt, a purple top hat and a wooden cane in his hand. He was looking at us one by one, as the others started to get to their feet around me. William was moving to the side of us, looking for a chance to attack him, but waiting, trying to get his timing right, aware that any move he made he would probably have to got through the four others first.

"I wouldn't" said the Leprechaun pointing his cane at William, "We know all about you young William. if you make a single move towards me I will instruct the others to kill the Reindeer straight away, do you understand?" He pointed his cane towards the Reindeer, and we saw two Leprechaun's dressed in red overalls standing next to them holding their chains tightly in their hands.

"Ill wait my turn" William replied clenching his fist and not taking his eyes off of the Leprechaun's in front of us.

"HAHAHA" he laughed throwing his head back in doing so. "Really is that you plan to do, wait your turn? Don't be silly little boy I am in control here and what I say goes, the quicker you understand that the better things will be for all of you, do I make myself clear?". He tapped his cane hard into the ground and the sound echoed around the empty building. "Bring him here, let them see what happens when people interfere and try and stop me"

Two more Leprechaun's appeared from a side room and in the middle of them was Louis, his hands tied behind his back and a gag across his mouth.

"You didn't think that you could infiltrate us and get away with it did you? We are so much more sophisticated than those fools in Tokyo, we knew you were coming, we have our own spies in your network, its about time Sammy that you start to realise you will never beat Carl he is far too clever for you." He prodded me in the chest with his cane and I stumbled backwards, it was too much for William who ran towards him but he didn't get far, one of the Leprechaun's stuck his foot out and William fell to the ground in a heap.

"Really then how come I did it last time then?" I shouted anger building inside me at what was happening around us.

"You got lucky young Sammy, you know that as well as I do, this time Carl is prepared for anything that you can throw at him. He will take back what you stole from him." He walked around as us he spoke tapping the cane on the floor as he did so.

"Now please seeing as you are our guests let us make you a little more comfortable. Tie them up back to back please Manuel,  over there next to the Reindeer will be fine, and then we can get out of here and make our way to London to help the others" He patted the one called Manuel on the shoulder and walked towards the door we had come in through.

They moved towards us and I could sense the others looking at me, waiting for me to make a move and they would follow, whatever the outcome they would go down with a fight, side by side, it was up to me to decide what to do and at that moment I wasn't sure. I hesitated. If  I went for them then either my friends or the reindeer Vixen and Cupid got hurt  I would never forgive myself for that, if I didn't and I let them tie us up we would never be able to get to London and then New York in time. The seconds were ticking away and I could feel their eyes on me.

"Sammy" Emily asked "What do we do?" as the first Leprechaun was nearly upon us she held her hands up in front of her and took a fighting stance.

"Come on Sammy we cant let them tie us up do something" Michael pleaded raising his hands to fight as well.

"Why do you think we will just let you tie us up?" I asked trying to buy myself some time.

"Yeah there is as many of us as there is of you" said Gabrielle moving closer to my side, the others started to move tighter as well as we formed a circle, all of us now hands clenched into fists and ready to fight if we had to.

"Oh Sammy really? Do you not see Vixen and Cupid over there? Do you not see those wires working their way down their body? Come, come now, if any of you even think of attacking us I will press this button on top of my cane and boom no more Reindeer AHAHAH". he started to laugh loudly waving his hands in the air.

"But they are all linked together, you'll kill them all!" Emily shouted

"You can't" shouted Jack running towards him, put being pulled back by Jacob at the last moment .

"Feisty isn't he?" said Pierre tapping his cane on the floor. "Now I'm beginning to lose patience, Manuel, get your men and start tying them up before I really lose my temper"

Manuel grabbed a length of rope and started to walk towards us. I looked at the others and shook my head telling them not to try anything I would think of something if they just went along with what I wanted.

"Sacra Bleu" came the voice behind me startling me

"What do we have here?" the second voice said

"We don't like bullies, and for gods sake young man what on earth are you wearing?" came the third voice

"He cant have looked in a mirror can he?" The second voice said sounding closer by the second.

"Oh no who one earth wears Purple with Yellow? This is Paris after all does he not understand fashion?" came the third voice which I know recognised and started to smile to myself.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Pierre asked annoyed at the interruption.

"Well allow us to introduce ourselves, I'm Nanny Margaret, this is Nanny Carol and the lady just closing and locking the door to make sure we aren't disturbed is Nanny Carole and we are known as the protectors of the young, the protectors of Elf's and above all else we are employed by Father Christmas to make sure nothing happens to these young people. Collectively we are known as the Nannies and believe me young man you do not want to mess with us." Said Nanny Margaret wagging her finger in Pierre's face.

Gabriel nudged me and smiled "Watch this" he said "They are just getting started"

"I don't acre who you think you are, you are trespassing, this is my property and I want you to leave immediately do you understand". Pierre said puffing his chest out and point his cane towards the door

"Excuse me but did your mother not teach you any manners?" asked Nanny Carol walking towards the middle of the room "I shall not be spoken to like that" she said crossly

"Ah look Reindeer" said Nanny Carole walking towards them ignoring Pierre's men who didn't know hat to do. To be honest we were all kind of standing there watching what was going on as well. The Nannies turning up was as big a surprise to us as it obviously was to Pierre and his men.

"Now you apologise to these nice young elf's for the way you've treated them and all will be forgotten" said Nanny Margaret pointing at Pierre

"Madame I don't believe you understand what's going on here" spluttered Pierre his face going a bright red as he tried to regain control "This is my building, these are my crew, these people are my hostages and those Reindeer are tied to a bomb that fi your friend there touches them will blow them up. Do you understand me?" His voice getting higher and higher as he spoke.

"Oui, Oui, but to be honest I don't really care about any of that. All I care about is whether you've eaten? are you a little hangry young man?" Nanny Margret asked cocking her head to one side

"I beg your pardon?" Pierre spluttered

"Hangry? You know angry and hungry? You do look a little peckish, when was the last time you ate?" Nanny Carol was moving closer and closer to Pierre the whole time whilst Nanny Carole was now untying the gags from the Reindeer's mouths.

"Hangry? Hangry I'm not Hangry Madame I am furious that you think you can just walk in here and start telling me, the great Pierre, what to do!!" He slammed his cane into the floor and stamped his feet at the same time.

"Anyone else hungry?" asked Nanny Margret completely ignoring Pierre now as if he was a toddler having a temper tantrum

The other Leprechaun's looked at each other then at us then at the Nannies, stunned into silence they weren't sure what to do next

"I'm a little hungry" said one at the back quickly regretted it with the look Pierre gave him

"Well I am" he said shyly trying to hide behind the others in front of him

"Well come over here then" said Nanny Carol placing a basket of food on the floor "There's plenty to go around, come on don't be shy" she said waving him over

"Stay where you are!" shouted Pierre "Don't you dare move do you understand me!" he was pacing up and down the banging his cane on the floor with every step, he was losing control and he knew it yet he didn't know how to stop it, which made watching it even funnier

Suddenly Pierre stopped and bowed his head, standing stock still and not moving an inch he stared at the Nannies as if he was trying to control their minds with some sort of mind trick.

"Oh ignore him" said Nanny Margret popping a roast potato in her mouth "Wow these are delicious, anyone else fancy one?" she said placing some on the plate of the Leprechaun now sitting in front of her.

She started to wave the bowl around and slowly the Leprechaun's moved towards the food on the floor that had been spread out on the blanket.

"I said stay where you are!" screamed Pierre at the top of his voice

"I've just about had enough of your bad manners" said Nanny Carol striding towards him "If you raise your voice one more time I will put you across my knee do you understand! No stop all this nonsense and sit down over there like a good boy and have something to eat." she pointed to a space on the floor next to the others

"A good boy? Madame really do you....." but he never got the chance to finish

"I told you I don't care" snapped Nanny Carol "Now go and sit down with your friends and eat before I really lose my temper". She pointed at the others "Go on now I wont tell you again" she said

Pierre unbelievably started too slowly walk towards the others and sat down next to them on the floor. Nanny Margaret and Nanny Carol started to hand out food whilst we all just stood there open mouthed watching them all eat. It was the strangest thing Id ever seen. Not moment's ago we had been in real trouble, held captive by Pierre and his fellow Leprechaun's and now here they all sat surround by the two of the three Nannies eating food and completely forgetting we were here.

"If anyone would care to help me that would be great" called Nanny Carole from the far side of the barn. "I've managed to loosed the gags from around their mouths but they are tied to some kind of box that appears to be counting down to something" she said bending down to the box that was attached to the wall.

Jacob and Jack ran over to her and started patting Vixen and Cupid, whispering to them to make sure they were okay.

"What just happened?" I asked Gabrielle smiling broadly

"I've never seen anything like that" said Michael shaking his head

"Incredible" said Reece looking at the scene in front us, the Leprechaun's and Pierre stuffing their faces with food.

"That's the power of the Nanny's for you" said Gabrielle laughing, "Most of the Leprechaun's have never had anyone tell them what they can and cant do. They have leaders who give orders, but when that leader is challenged they don't know how to react to it. They get so confused that if you are stern enough you can bring them under control quite quickly, especially if you have the power of the three Nannies" he laughed

"Sausage roll Sammy?" called Nanny Carol

"No thank you" I replied smiling. I was still full from earlier

"They are okay and not in too bad shape. They are wanting to get home and prepare for Christmas Eve as fast as they can" said Jack

"Is the wiring the same?" I asked walking towards them

"Yes it is unfortunately, it works the same way we have to make sure that we unplug them all at the same time otherwise well lose them all" Jacob said joining us

I nodded and thanked him I knew there was no more we could do now we had to find the others.

"Sammy Ill stay with them" said Billy patting me on the shoulder

"You sure?" I asked

"Yes its partly my fault they are here in the first place so I want to make sure I am at least doing all I can to make amends for that" he said sheepishly

"Okay Billy thank you I appreciate that" I said placing my hand on his shoulder and gently squeezing it to reassure him.

"Let me tell you what you need to do" said Jacob walking him over to Cupid and Vixen.

I walked back towards the door and slowly unlocked it, watching as the Nannies continued to feed the Leprechaun's, Pierre had removed his hat at the insistence of the Nannies and was now being  fed another roast potato by Nanny Margaret.

"Sammy?" said William handing me his phone "Its Laura she said its urgent" I could tell by his face that something was wrong

"Hi Laura, what is it?" I asked nervously

"Sammy, we've just received information that the leader of the Leprechaun's in London has been kidnapped by three local men and is being held in a pub in London. If we don't get him back within the next 12 hours they are going to ship him off in a container and all hope of finding the Reindeer will disappear with him. You have to get to London straight away and rescue the Leprechaun before its too late, there will be a contact to meet you at the pub where he's being held. He will have more information for you when you get there" She said urgently

I stood there and ran my hand through my hair listening but not saying anything to Laura on the other end of the phone.

"Sammy did you hear me?" she asked impatiently.

"I did Laura I did, Tommy round the rest of the team up were going to London" I said ending the call and handing the phone back to William.

To be continued......................................