Saturday, 13 November 2010

Do I regret the open letter?

In the last 48hrs Ive been called a bigot, uneducated, racist, a joke, a paedophile? (nope me neither), a product of this country's education system, had abuse sent to me on here and to my email account as well as my Facebook account, been called a troll?, been asked too support the BNP and go on a demo, and those are things I can tell you as my mum reads this blog. My crime? I wrote an open letter and mentioned the Human Rights Act. So let me clear a few things up.

I wrote that letter because I was disgusted by what a group of extremists did. I wrote that letter because no one stopped them. I wrote that letter because there are many, many people in this country who break the law and then hide behind the Human Rights Act to get away with it. I am well aware that there was another group of extremists there and I in no way condone what they did either. They disgust me as well.

I am not naive enough to believe that all Muslims are racist and suicide bombers, just as all white people are not in the BNP or any other racist or fascist group. The world isn't like it. People are allowed their right too protest but when THEY BREAK THE LAW they need to be dealt with whatever race, colour or creed they are. They need then to be prosecuted and NOT allowed to hide behind the Human Rights Act. That's not what it is there for.

Ive thought long and hard about this blog, about whether I carry it on and address some of the issues that I do. I write for pleasure nothing more and those that read this blog I thank you. However to those that disagree with me that's fine, you are entitled to have your opinion, but some of what you have written and said about me these past few days makes you no better than the people you are against. You have turned on me because you disagree with me, and then used some of the most cruel and nasty phrases Ive ever been subjected too. The reason you disagree with me. YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME.

I had a person tonight who I disagreed with on a wall post. Fair enough not a problem. However that person then looked me up on Facebook and sent me an insulting message. I replied and then for the next 2 HOURS this person kept doing it until I looked them up and blocked them. Why? Ive also blocked at least 20 other people for the same thing. I'm not scared of a debate as Ive said before in previous blogs but allow my opinions to be my opinions and I will respect yours. That is what a civilised country and society is about. When you start the name calling you lose the argument.

The one thing that has kept me going is the amount of people that have said they agree with me. I thank YOU for that. I have been genuinely touched by the way that sane people understand that not all Muslims are racist and that they agree with what I'm saying. There have also been emails from people that have served our country or have people serving this country and I feel honoured to have had a small correspondence with you. You have my full respect.

Part of me regretted posting this blog on Thursday. I did it for me and the people that follow it. It then went around facebook like wildfire. Its been looked at by 4,500 people since Thursday and that's blown me away. I never expected that. Ive not posted my usual Friday story or finished what was supposed to be my week of gaming blogs either. The reason was because I didn't want those that hate me too win.

This blog isn't about me feeling sorry for myself , whatever some may think, its about the fact that for all the abuse I have received, you will not beat me. The letter I wrote was about an act that should have been dealt with by the police and wasn't. My disgust at that act and the fact that the Human Rights Act is abused on a regular basis. It was too show support for our service men and woman past and present and tell them that THEY have my support. I wonder how many of my so called 'FANS' I seemed to have gained would put THEIR lives on the line like they do day in day out. In a war they didn't ask for but will fight to the end. They gave you the freedom to have your opinion, as they did me, and for that I thank them every time I write this blog. I think perhaps you should remember that the next time you send me or anyone else abusive messages because you disagree with them.

Today is Remembrance sunday. I will be laying a wreath as I always do for the fallen. Will you my 'FANS' who call me all the names you have these past few days? I doubt it.


  1. M Becca Wonderbum14 November 2010 at 00:27

    I am surprised by what people have done to you. Really am surprised and can see why it affected you the way it did and why you would doubt continuing on. Looking in from the outside, your argument is rational, not racist, not bigoted, but balanced. You should have no regrets, some of the comments were just plain malicious and obviously there for one purpose and that was to cause trouble. This is a supposedly civilised country and therefore debate is part of our lives. Debates are academic and form great moot points in law. Integrity is important, but is somehow lacking in quite a few people nowadays. In the words of Rudyard Kipling, can you keep your head while others are losing theirs, well that is where integrity comes into it. I believe you have kept yours while others have let theirs go. Please do not give up in speaking for what is fair and right. When you do, your integrity will be gone also. Good on you.... BTW I often watch the Wright Stuff, Matthew Wright is as liberal as they come, not at all racist. Even he was sending a message to that lot to go and find the nearest airport and leave if they didn't like our traditions of remembering the fallen, so don't feel bad, you did good xx

  2. Becca thanks so very much. Its the comments I get from yourself and others on here and facebook that makes it worthwile doing what I do. I do it because I enjoy it and hope that sometimes I spark debate on many different subjects. It got really bad a few times over the last few days, so bad I didnt want to do it anymore. If I had done that they would have won and Im stronger than that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xx

  3. People are morons...period! Everybody is entitled to their opinions. You keep on voicing yours, dude.

  4. Anthony you have always been a writer of integrity and commitment to what you stand by in your words... and from what I read you are a decent loving father husband... My commitment as a reader of your work... well and the fella I knew from school will always be there. Keep up the good work mate!!

    Regards (Mark Abernethy) and I will say my name!!

  5. Hats off to you for having the guts to compose the blog. Not many people would have done that these days, well the normal people among us anyway. It sad to see that there are so many people that just don't get the point. RESPECT. This was not a blog about religion or colour it was an honest blokes anger of the lack of RESPECT that these people showed our brave soldiers. No one seems to have it these days, such a change from when I was little. Maybe if we all sat down and thought about how we can change everyone would be happier!

  6. Sadly Anthony people have become indoctrinated to believe only whites are racist and all other races actions merely protests about the sins of the white man. Racism does cut both ways, as religious intolerance does, and that evidence can be found in vast quantities on the internet though due to political and financial imperatives this news is suppressed in our country. Just see "Christians murdered in Iraq"

    Multiculturalism is becoming more a culture clash as only one side is forced to make allowances for the other and those favoured are pushing their own agendas on the majority population. Not that Multiculturalism can work due to the fact it splinters society into small separate groups with little in common.

  7. Anthony,

    The police failed the country by not taking action. Apart from the hatred, threatening behaviour etc, this was incitement to racial hatred and should have been stamped on from the start. Because of Ms Blair and her implementation of the HRA, this country is a laughing stock. You have not uttered one untrue word. Let us stand up for this country. Those who live in it should respect it, its values and those who defend it. Well done you.

  8. Well Done Mate, as a former soldier and veteran, proud of the job that our lads and lasses do, I would just like to personally thank you for the open letter you have sent.
    Many of my friends and former service persons have passed copies of your letter amongst themselves and it has had a very wide audience indeed.
    Like you I was disgusted and said as much on my FB site, and like you was thanked and abused in equal amounts. I would just like you to know that you have many supporters amongst this countries veterans for your most excellent letter and the honour you show to those committed to the security of not only our country but also committed around the world in helping bring stability where there is none.
    Well Done Sir, We Salute You !