Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Coming Out

On the 23rd June we will vote on where our future lies, our children's future and our grandchildren's future. Neither side has come out with a good enough argument to persuade me, from what they are saying to vote one way or the other, so I will vote on what my heart tells me to do. Im voting out. You all have your own decision to make, this is mine and mine alone. Im sure the economy will dip, but we've been in a recession since 2008 no matter what they tell you. They cant raise interest rates as people will lose their house left right and centre and they know it.

Ive lived through recessions, I've lived through economic good times and I will again whatever happens in the future. Im basing this purely on immigration. Now before you all start labelling me as a racist, right wing, white man, let me explain.

Successive governments have done nothing about immigration. All of you blaming the Tories for it, well Labour started it, they admitted that they allowed this country to be a social experiment and shame on them for that. All of you blaming Labour for it well the Tories haven't done anything to stop it either. They promised they would curb and have done nothing of the sort. Im tired of the scaremongering that is going on by both parties. These are supposed to be elected grown men who are supposed to be able to have a constructive argument about what we should do. Except they are behaving like children. Neither of them has come out and made a good enough argument either way. They stand there calling each other names, as John Major did so pathetically on Sunday. Johnson is just as bad as well.

Before anyone says we do have a say in Europe with elected MEP's this country voted a National Front leader into Europe in Nick Griffin, then voted Nigel Farage in as well so that's how seriously we take those elections as a county. We are seen as easy to push around by France and Germany, who both want an integrated Europe. Eventually you will have the Euro, you will lose your national identity and you will have an unelected President telling you what to do. Your government will be powerless to do anything about it.

This country cannot be allowed to be a social and political experiment for some sort of socialist Utopia, because they just doesn't work. It will destroy us. I believe in a country that is able to make its own laws, decide on whats best for its people controlled by people voted into power by its people. We may not always get who we voted for, thats democracy, but they are accountable to us and if we dont like them then we vote them out. It works, why risk it further integration into a system that just doesn't work. Heard about the riots in France this week? Heard how Greece is nearly broke again? Heard how Germany's leader has gone from the most popular to the most hated in 6 months? Do you wonder why that is? They are scared of telling you the truth, both sides, in case you make an informed choice.

This country cannot continue to take the levels of immigrants into this country at the rate we are at this minute. I've lived in Ilford all my life, I grew up in a area dominated by Sikhs, Jews and Irish. People mixed in, of course there were issues but for the whole there wasn't anywhere I couldn't go as kid. Now? For want of a better way of putting it Ilford is now a ghetto. A once vibrant high street destroyed by the greed of the local council in allowing the high road to have block after block of flats built on it so as it.

They'll deny it of course they will but you tell me when Havering was spending money making Romford a high street of the future, why has this council allowed blocks of flats to be built in the high road? The pioneer marker has gone, Ilford Palais has gone, Harrison and Gibson is going to be flats and there is talk of Sainsburys being turned into flats as well as flats being built on top of the Exchange. Who are all these houses/flats for? The local people dont need them. This borough is paid to take the overflow of immigrants into the borough and they've changed it for the worse not the better.

Controlled immigration is a wonderful thing, it allows different people to meet and mix and learn from each other to build a better society. Uncontrolled immigration is a disaster. The NHS cant cope, the schools cant cope, the transport system cant cope, and yet we allow more and more people to come here who offer nothing to the development of the area that they live in. They come here because our benefit system pays them more money than they make working in their own country.

The local paper regularly reports of the knife crime and the gangs terrorising the local area of a night time. I get that this isn't only the young immigrants doing it but predominately they are. I'm sick of the area I love, the area I grew up in becoming a no go area by people who have no intention of bettering themselves when they came here. Why are they still here? Why do we allow them to enter? Its quite simple they have freedom of movement due to the agreement signed by successive governments.

I don't want my country to be the stop gap for everybody who just wants to leech of off our benefit system. If we can control our borders better and have a say who comes here and who doesn't then Im all for staying in Europe but until then I have to vote out to save what is left of my country.

For those of you who haven't experienced this level of migration into your areas, it will happen because when Redbridge is full, then Havering will be next, then Basildon. It may not happen over night but one day it will unless we say enough is enough.

If you want to come here and make a better life of yourself, then be my guest Im happy to have you. If you are being persecuted in your home country then let me offer you the hand of friendship and the shelter you deserve, If you are coming here to claim benefits because its more than you get at home then Im sorry but the door is closed.

Im sure its more complicated than I've said here, what isn't? Im sure some will see me as a racist for what I have said, that is there want, I cant change that. What I can do is have a say and that is what Im doing now.

Im voting for what is right for my family and my children's future. Im voting for what is right for me. Im not trying to persuade anyone to vote with me, I've written this because I needed to say it as with all my blogs it is my opinion and my opinion alone. You can agree or disagree with it.

Im voting out on the 23rd June, do what YOU think is right.

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