Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Cheats Always Prosper

When are the sporting bodies going to crack down on blatant cheating by actually banning someone or team?
When are they actually going to take proper action against cheating?Its happening more and more and yet the punishments are getting weaker and weaker or they take no action at all. Its utterly disgraceful.

The latest instantce was at the German Grand Prix. Team orders are banned yet there is blatant radio evidence that Massa was told to move over for Alonso. What did the FIA do? They fined them £100,000 dollars. To Ferrari that's what they spend on catering at a Grand Prix its a joke. It cheapens the sport massively and treats the fans who pay with their hard earned money like mugs. They should ban them but they wont as all Ferrari would do is go to court. Ridiculous.

They banned Briatorre for encouraging a driver to attempt suicide and endanger other drivers lives by crashing into a wall. The FIA banned him for life. He went to court and got it overturned. Crazy. If I endangered life in my job Id be finished with no way back, so why do sports people think they are above the law?

Formula 1 isn't the only sport though. Dwain Chambers is a drug cheat. He got caught and was banned from the Olympics for life. However he can still race throughout the world and earn money at the sport. That makes the other athletes look like fools who do things the right way. Why is this blatant cheat allowed to earn a living from a sport he cheated in? He used drugs to make his performance better, so he cheated.

Football is another sport rotten to its core. Uruguay at the World Cup cheated their way into the World Cup Semi-Final. Suarez stopped a certain goal by hand balling it on the line. Then Ghana missed the penalty and then lost the subsequent penalty-shoot out. It should never have got that far. When Suarez stopped the penalty they should have awarded the goal. End off.

It doesn't stop there though. There are clubs spending money they don't have all through the divisions ans what do the FA do about it? Nothing. They allow these clubs to keep going with points deductions or a slap on the wrist. Why? They are cheating so relegate them. Then see how many keep doing it.

The only sport that has any honour left is Rugby. Dean Richards cheated and encouraged a player to cheat by biting on a blood capsule to get a substitute on and was banned for 5 years. Did he appeal or bleat about everyone doing it? No he took his punishment and walked away.

Young children look up to sportsmen and women in all sports and what the authorities are saying is, okay you have the talent but don't worry you can cheat if you want and we wont ban you. What kind of message does that send out.

Money rules all sport to its utter detriment. We wonder why kids today are so lacking in respect when these are the role models that advertisers think they should look up to? People that cheat at their sport and don't even get me started on the way they live their lives.

Sport needs a huge shake up from top to bottom. Cheats need to be banned for life if they take drugs no matter what sport it is. If F1 teams break the rules then they need to be banned for at least 2 races so as they wont do it ever again. Football clubs need to be relegated 2 divisions if they spend what they don't have I don't care who they are. If you stop a certain goal to make sure you don't win a match then you get banned for 4 matches.

How many of these sports will do any of this? None.
Why? Because money rules and until we as the public start saying enough is enough and start voting with our wallets they will continue to break their own rules and treat us like idiots.

Id rather have a sport where I know the best man, woman, or team won because they were good enough. That they had put their blood sweat and tears into it for many years. That they had used all of their talent they were born with to overcome other athletes and teams.

Until this happens I will not believe a sport is won by a true champion.

That's an enormously sad thing to say............but its so true.

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