Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Is It Time For Eastenders To Finish?

Ill own up to this. Ive watched Eastenders since it started. Since Ali, Arthur and Den kicked in the door of Reg's flat and found him dead. Yes every time its been on for the last 25 years. Well 23 to be precise because if I'm honest its started too annoy me and Ive lost faith with it. Is it time for it to end?

Big question isn't it. Some of you will have never watched it, some of you will have hated it, some of you will watch it religiously every time its on. Well I used to, but not anymore.

I gave up on Eastenders when they killed of Danielle. Absolutely pointless. This soap opera has degenerated into a mess of misery. Look at Emmerdale and Coronation Street. I don't watch either that much but when I do they manage to blend humour and drama in the same episode. Eastenders doesn't and hasn't for years.

They have forgotten the core values of what made the soap so successful. Family. Where are The Watts, The Beale's, The Fowler's. They are not there anymore are they?. I watched enthralled as Den and Angie went at it, as Arthur had a break down, Michelle got pregnant, Mark got Aids and Kathy was raped. Nick trying to kill Dot, Pat and Frank and the kids as well as the Mitchell's when they first arrived.

Now what have we got? A Muslim who is gay, Denise coming back from the dead after being killed by her preacher husband, Archie Mitchell's storyline still going on even though hes been dead for 6 months, Phil becoming a crack addict and Fat boy and his stupid unbelievable, annoying mates. To top the lot we then had Darren, not a bad looking boy by any means, fathering Heather's baby. For crying out loud people have you completely lost the plot?

The writing is lazy and the ideas uninspired. The soap looks tired and worn out. Its time for the BBC to look long and hard at what has been created and decide what they are going to do. Its losing ratings by the bucket load at the moment and they seem surprised by this. Their ignorance is beyond belief.

It can be turned around but they need to start from scratch. It needs to get back to family's and stories that people can relate to. Stop going for the sensational storyline. The show can be saved but they need to get rid of the kids that are writing the soap, bring in new characters and let them grow, hire people that can write and develop story line's that are what we want to see.

If they don't want to do this then end it on a high. It wouldn't be the first soap to go would it? To let it die the slow painful death its dying at the moment is in bad taste and clear mismanagement by the producers and the writers. There isn't a family I can relate to, there isn't a character I like, so stop being so politically minded and stop trying to be rash and daring you don't you look stupid.

Until this changes Eastenders in my house wont be must see television.

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  1. Tony,

    I agree mate. I havent watched bell enders for ages as its boring depressing and uninventive

    But to be fair its allways been fairly dull and uninventive its just that after 20 something years people havent seen anything new nor can the be arsed to watch same old same old.

    I was the same with hollyoaks. Thats turned to shit aswell.

    If you want to watch something really entertaining then watch young dumb and living off mum on bbc3. Its so rediculous its a great watch.