Saturday, 28 August 2010

The Cat In The Bin

This is going to upset people I'm aware of that. The beauty of a blog though is that it shouldn't be afraid to challenge the way people discuss things, you are never going to agree with me 100%, all I ask is that you read what I have to say and if you disagree then say so and we will have a mature debate about it. I posted a comment on my Facebook page a few days ago and it had 40 comments the last time I looked. It has caused huge debate about what should or shouldn't happen to a lady called Mary Blake.

For those of you that don't know she is the lady who placed the cat in the wheelie bin. Was it a stupid thing to do? Absolutely and I bet she regrets it now massively. However the reaction of some people has in my opinion been totally out of order. She has had death threats, Facebook campaigns set up against her and could now potentially lose her job. Did the cat die? No. Was it hurt? There was no physical damage to the cat. Should she be prosecuted? Possibly. I cannot believe the way that the press have gone after this woman and yet have ignored other stories that in my opinion are far more serious.

I have been told by some that they cannot see my point when I point to other far more serious news stories and the lack of coverage they have gotten. I believe we have a fundamental flaw in our society when we care more about the welfare of a cat than a child, that we care more about the welfare of a cat than the people sponging off of us with their benefits. That to me is wrong. Where are the press chasing these people? Where are the death threats to them? Nowhere. So why is it okay to send death threats to her and not to the Lifeguards?. I'm not condoning the use of death threats or the use of Facebook groups in anyway shape or form. What I am saying is that it is wrong and needs to be stopped.

A child drowned in a swimming pool with FOUR lifeguards on duty. The coverage was on page 12 of the paper. The cat lady was on page 4 and 5. How the hell is that right?. Why are the press not chasing these lifeguards? Why are they not having death threats? Why has this story not been flashed around the world?. Its utter nonsense. She did a stupid and cruel thing but the cat never died. Due to the utter negligence of these lifeguards a child DIED. Do we not care enough about this to react? Do we value the rights of a cat more than the loss of a child?.

If a cat is ill and in pain we put it down. If its a human we make them suffer. This cannot carry on people. We cannot continue to put the rights of the animal above those of human beings. Animal cruelty is an enormous issue and in a civilised society should be addressed and the guilty people punished. However the suffering of a human is far worse and in my opinion should be addressed above any other. How can it be right that we put an animal down that cant speak yet allow a human who can voice pain and their wish to die not be able to do so with dignity and continue to let them suffer an intolerable pain? Utter nonsense in my opinion.

I'm sorry if I have offended anyone with this blog, but you know what I cannot tolerate the hunting down of a woman who made a mistake, I agree she should be punished, when we have other issues that don't even get mentioned in the same breath as this. The cat never died, a child DID. Lets get that one solved first before we persecute and ruin a woman's life for an animal that didn't even die. I'm not by any means condoning what she did and I abhor animal cruelty but this has gone far enough and the reaction of the press and the people chasing her is wrong. Let the courts deal with her and let her face her punishment. She did wrong and needs to be punished, she should however not have to live her life in fear and people threatening her in her place of work. Its all about priorities and at this moment we have them all wrong.

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