Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Social networking is taking over the world. It allows you to have conversations with people you have never met or are likely to ever meet. You have a small glimpse into their lives for a few moments, you either comment or you move on to the next comment that's been posted. Twitter is a great example of this.

I love twitter, it took some getting used to at first but now I check it all the time, I don't always comment but I do enjoy reading it. It allows me to read what others are thinking, what's annoying them, what's making them happy, or what is making them sad. I don't know these people, well some of them I've actually met, but others well, I wouldn't be able to spot them in the street.

There are people that are funny, there are people who use language you wouldn't see in a bar full of seamen who have been at sea for 6 months. There are people, like me, who write blogs, there are authors, there are the just plain crazy(thank you block button), then there are normal people as well. All of us tweeting about our lives, hopes and dreams. It's is utterly brilliant.

What does annoy me though is the way that people 'follow' celebrities to abuse them, why?. Most of the people that do this are in their late twenties or older. Is their life that shallow?. Take for instance a footballer I follow, he posted something last night that to me seemed to be letting of a bit of steam, yet someone posted it on a forum and then loads of people had their 10 pounds worth commenting on what it meant. There was no hidden message, something had annoyed him, he started to tweet about it then stopped, end of story, yet it has grown into a situation where he feels he has to explain what that tweet was about. Absolutely crazy and unnessaccary.

I know the argument is that 'if you don't want someone to read it don't post it on a public forum' but surely if we wish too interact with these people we should allow them some space sometimes to say what they are thinking. If it had been me that wrote what he did would anyone question it? No of course not, so why just because he plays football do we feel we have the right to know the ins and outs of everything that he says. In all honesty we don't and should mind our own bloody business.

If a celebrity wants to post, oh I don't know, 'I hate it when people talk about me' why do we feel the need to ask them who, what and where?. Why can't we just see that perhaps something has pissed them off and leave it at that. If you want to send a message supporting them then feel free to do so, but to ask for details, well would you go up to the man at the bus stop and ask him if he had sex with a horse last night? No you wouldn't, would you. So why is a famous person any different?

If we want them too continue interacting with us, to retweet us, to perhaps read things we've written, to answer a question, or even wish happy birthday to your mum's third cousin three times removed then sometimes, just sometimes, we have to let them be human and get on with their lives. We need to not dissect everything they say looking for hidden messages in everything they write, to accept that perhaps they need too get it out of their system before they can move on. Perhaps just like we do when we post things on Twitter.


  1. Enjoyed reading your observation..i've just shared it with my facebook friends though lots of them dont do twitter..they may now give it a go.

  2. Well said Anthony - I like being able to read about what my Fav celebs are doing. I tweet them sometimes and when I get a reply it makes my day! And the reason.....because those that take the time to RT or Reply prove they are just like the rest of us. Worked with and around footballers and celebs in my life and I don't envy them their life in the spotlight. Again enjoyed it :) I'll RT for you Suzy

  3. Thanks for the comments and the reposting. As I said I love Twitter, youve just got to be grown up about it sometimes.

  4. I'm also a huge Twitter fan and I totally agree with you. Celebrities are just people, like you and me. People should understand this and give them some "personal space". Good post, thanks for sharing your opinion.