Friday, 12 August 2011

Leave Bert and Ernie Alone

Is nothing sacred anymore? Do we have to continue to expose our children to sex and pigeon hole our kids into growing up quicker than they should do? The current clamor for Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street too get 'Married' has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard. If it wasn't true it would be funny but it's not it's dangerous.

I'm not anti gay, I'm not homophobic I just cannot see the point, am I missing something? How would having two puppets from a children's programme getting married, whether they are gay or straight, help?. I'm sick and tired of going into shops with my daughters (8 and 11) and having bras and hot pants rammed into my face. What happened to letting kids have a bit of innocence in this world?

There are enough dangerous people in this world without us taking away a child's innocence and making them grow up before they are ready. We wonder why we have so many teenage pregnancies and anorexia in teenagers when every bloody magazine they open shows them a stick thin model covered in make up and barley wearing any clothes. Perhaps I'm getting old but all I want to do half the time is dress them properly.

No one said Morecambe and Wise had to get married when they shared a bed on national Telly did they? So why should Bert and Ernie have to get married? The world has gone completely nuts. What next Groucho shaking up with Elmo? Dora the explorer entering a relationship with Fifi the flowerpot girl? Rory the racing car running off with Ratsamouse? Don't even get me started on the x-men and all the bloody spandex they wear. Can you see now how stupid this looks?

I even saw someone having a pop at Mr Jumble yesterday, this is the guy who has taught countless children how to use sign language and widen people's understanding as well as being a tireless campaigner for children charities. Yet some moron thought he was offensive? Seriously? Do you not have a life?

Leave Bert and Ernie alone, they don't need to get married, kids just need to see that friends can get along and that's all they need to know, Christ next your be telling me Big Bird is running away with Shaun the Sheep and setting up a home in Ballamory. Enough of the sexualization of our children let them grow up innocent and happy and unaware that sometimes there are pedophiles out there who want to harm them because they are wearing a little miss naught T-shirt, and that sometimes there are certain adults that can be as thick as shit and want to turn children programmes into a personal crusade.

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  1. A comment from me - cos I want to see your happy dance! I love how you always write from the heart and say it just how you feel it.
    On the subject of Bert and Ernie, I think you're right, but even if I don't always agree, that doesn't really matter. Keep writing