Thursday, 26 August 2010

An Open Letter To Myself

Alright Mate

Hey you! Yes you! Don't look at me like that, that your all surprised I'm talking to you. You know who I am you just don't listen to me enough. Its me you self confidence. Oh you try and shut me up and put me away well let me tell you mate this time you are going to listed whether you like it or not. Now sit down shut up and let me get started.

Whats it been now a year maybe two since I last spoke to you? Has it been that long. Crikey you really have been beating yourself up haven't you. Well you finally did it. You finally decided to do what you always wanted to do. Well done. I haven't finished yet so don't start getting fidgety. Okay so you don't like praise and you don't like being told what you have done well. Who does? What makes you so different from the rest of us?.

Have a look at what you have and what you have achieved. Makes you smile doesn't it? Yep thought so. Its only the start not the end. You have your whole life left to really do what makes you happy. Take the plunge go on do it. Ill be here to give you a helping hand if you'll let me. I know sometimes you listen to doubt more than me. Don't worry I don't take it personally, although he never lets me forget it. You have more than some people ever have. A family, great kids, a loving wife, whats it been 20 years since you met her? You gotta be doing something right haven't you or she wouldn't still be there.

Its time to grasp what you really want, to go out there and get it, to chase that dream of yours. If you don't doubt will never let me live it down. Ill do my best to stop him but every now and then he will appear, just ignore him he talks a load of rubbish anyway most of the time. Ill be there in the early hours of the morning when you cant sleep, Ill be there when you cant see the wood for the trees as well. It will take time, hey I never said it was going to be easy did I?

So don't tuck me away and listen to me every now and then. I talk a lot of sense you know. You've just got to let me be heard above the others. As for that charisma thing, well I'm working on it but I cant get him out of the pub, doesn't stop all night that one, a real handful. Good luck and Ill be there when I can.

Yours Sincerely

Your Self Confidence

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