Wednesday, 29 December 2010

New Year, New Blog

Regular readers of my blog (thanks mum) will know that every now and then I like to change whats going on, on here. I like to have a couple of themes that run for a few months whilst throwing in a few random blogs of my own. The coming months will be no different and Ive made those changes already and am now able to tell you about what they are and what you can look forward to over the next few months. As we head into a New Year its time for a new blog.

The Guest Blogger

The beauty of Facebook is that I got in touch with a few old school friends that I hadn't seen or spoken to for many years. One of these was Marc Tierman. He is the most opinionated man I have ever met. He sticks to his principals and he can upset people but he just doesn't care. He will moan about the slightest thing and most of the time I'm nodding away agreeing with him. So I asked him a few months ago if he wanted to do a weekly blog on here and he agreed. Ive told him no swearing but he can write about anything he likes. He will be controversial and he will upset people, but he will also get you arguing and entering into a debate. It will also take some pressure off me as well to keep the content flowing as well. So look out for his first post on here very soon. I'm glad hes agreed and look forward to seeing your reactions. I will still contribute as this will only be for one day a week, just like Sammy or the Big Interviews were so don't worry Ill be around, you haven't got rid of me quite yet.

The Battle Of The Belly

Well I need motivation to lose weight apart from the fact I may die. The doctors words not me. So I'm going to blog about it. Every week I will tell you how much weight I have lost and how I did it. The pain the tears, the joy, I think? Not sure about that last one but hey. This will replace Sammy The Elf on Fridays and the first one will be next week. Now here is where you come in. I want you to sponsor me but with a difference. I don't want your money, I want your pledges. I want to raise as much money as I can for Great Ormond Street Hospital and Help For Heroes. Two charities that are very special to my beliefs and hopes. Here is where you come in. I will tell you how much I weigh next Friday and then I want you to pledge money for every pound, half stone or stone that I lose. I then want you to get your friends involved as well. When I hit my target you then send the money you pledged to either of these charities. You don't send it to me it goes to them. We then do a running monthly total of how much we have earned.; Sound okay? I hope so as I need your guys help and encouragement to pull this off and raise some money for two truly worthwhile causes.

So there you go then two new articles staring next week on this blog. I hope you enjoy them both and continue to let me know what you think. Thanks for the support and advice this past year so lets make sure it continues into the New Year.

Happy New Year



  1. This is going to be funny... Marc doing a blog OMG Victor Meldrew on the airwaves "I dont believe it!" Well he is honest to the T about how he feels on things... Opinionated well we all have to stand for something. Just as long as he does not ask
    "I wonder what the point is of living? It doesn't seem to get you anywhere" But then again in saying that... All the best Marc :) I cannot wait to read the first blog.


  2. Cheers, erm, Mr/Mrs Anonymous! I have already had a long hard think about what to write about and have a few things up my sleeve so it really is 'watch this space' I will take no prisoners but at the same time try to remain balanced without going too OTT.

    Once Anthony gives me blog rights on here I will make a start.

    I look forward to a few reactionary posts!