Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Year Resolutions

Why? Come on someone must know surely? Why do we every year make promises that we know full well we aren't going to keep? We all do it don't we, the diet, the fags, the drink, the job, we all agree that we are going to do things differently in the coming year. How long do they last for, a day, a week? No longer than that I bet. Well this year is going to be different so here are my New Year resolutions and this time I'm sticking to them.

Number 5: Give Up Smoking

If I'm honest I don't enjoy it. They make me feel bad and make my asthma bad. Oh shock horror an asthmatic that smokes. Yes I do. Am I proud of it? No not really. You see I have this thing about me. I start with all good intentions and then after a few days I fall from it very hard. I smoke through addiction and habit. Nothing more. Its my one vice that I have half tried to give up many times and have failed. This time though I will succeed. How? Well this time I actually want to and that my friends is the difference for me. I actually want to do it. This time I will succeed.

Number 4: Pay Off My Debt

I don't have a lot of debt if I'm honest. I have a bit but nothing that I cant handle. However I want it gone as I'm sick of paying things off I bought months ago. I'm lucky in that my house is worth 3 times what I paid for it and its due for a remortgage in the early part of the year. However before that though I will try and get as many bonuses before then so as I don't have to put so much onto my mortgage. This time though as I get older I don't covert things like I used to do. There is nothing I actually want anymore. There are things I would like but wanting them, well I manage to talk myself out of them now. I must be getting old.

Number 3: Become A Better Writer

Wow this one is going to be difficult. There is a huge amount of snobbery about writers. Those that have stuff published look down upon those that haven't been. I didn't realise it was this bad until I started to do this blog. There are people that will batter you for a misplaced word or poor grammar. They wont offer you a way of changing it to make it better they will just criticise you for the way you wrote it. If, and its a big if, I manage to have any success in future years I promise here and now that I will help aspiring writers to improve their work. I'm sure there are people out there that will do this, I just haven't found them yet.

Number 2: Get My Book Published

This could take three months or three years. I loved writing Sammy The Elf and I will work for as long as it takes to make it better so it can be published. That's my aim for this year. So if you are a published writer reading Number 2 and you want to offer some very sought after and kind advice I will gladly accept it. I will do what ever it takes to get this published I believe in it that much. Its a dream of mine that I can earn my salary I get now by writing. This would mean no more tube journeys, no more ignorant people and I could spend all my days doing what I really want to do which is write. A long journey lays ahead, I know that but its one I want to partake in and enjoy where ever it takes me.

Number 1: Lose Weight

I went to the doctors with a chest infection and came out with a death sentence. This was 4 days before Christmas. I reckon its because her online order wasn't going to arrive and she took it out on me. Anyway, if I'm honest my weight has been an issue I have ignored for a number of years. Through embarrassment and laziness I have done nothing about it. I promise myself I'm going to but I never do. Except this year something has clicked in my head and I realise that I cant carry this spare change around with me anymore. Its not about losing weight its about a change of lifestyle. A chance to prolong my life and do some of the things that I haven't done down the years because if my weight. Driving for one thing. I never wanted to drive because I was worried about my weight. Stupid isn't it when you see some of the people that get out of cars. I can no longer pretend that when I look in the mirror I am a slim person. I'm not and I have to accept that. So how am I going to do this weight loss then? I'm going to blog about it. Yep you will all have the chance to laugh with me as I battle the bugle. It starts next week so look out for it.

So there we are then 5 New Year resolutions. Will I keep them? Yes says the optimist in me. Two of them are for health reasons so they have to be done. One is for my peace of mind so that's got to be a good thing. The other two? Well they will accomplish a dream of mine that I have long held. I didn't think it would be possible when I started this blog back in May. Ive been proved wrong so far. It cant hurt to dream a little can it?

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  1. Good luck with your resolutions. They are all do-able. Sure, number 2 is probably the hardest because it is the one out of your control to a certain extent.
    Have only just started reading your blog, but the posts look interesting and I agree about EastEnders - pure ratings chasing, disgusting.