Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Political Correctness And Comedy

I was going to have Christmas off but the Daily Mail newspaper has annoyed me so much that I need to get this out of my system. They have started a campaign labelling the comedy by Matt Lucas and David Walliams as racist. Come Fly With Me was the docu spoof comedy that launched on Christmas Day with a selection of WHITE and ETHNIC characters. Its important too remember that there were white characters in this so as to get some form of perspective. Personally I found the programme very funny. The Daily Mail however found it racist. Not quite sure where they are coming from to be honest, and this isn't the first time they have done this recently is it. They attacked Frankie Boyle's new show as being racist as well.

Comedy has to have an edge to it to work. Its always been the same. Jimmy Cricket made a living out of laughing at the Irish (he was Irish by the way so I guess that was okay) John Bishop (Liverpool), Peter Kay (Bolton), Michael McIntyre (Middle Class) all make jokes about where they grew up, and people find them very funny. Ben Elton made a whole career out of the 80's by attacking the Tory government every week!. People like different comedians and different comedy, I for one hate The Mighty Boosh and The League Of Gentleman, I don't find them funny but I accept others do.

There is no place nowadays for the likes of Jim Davidson and Bernard Manning which is correct as they were racist. However back in the day they were acceptable faces of television and appeared on many shows on a regular basis. Times change and peoples attitudes change as to what is acceptable and what is not. Its called evolution. However the way that the Daily Mail has branded Come Fly With Me racist is totally wrong. This is from the creators of Little Brittan. You know the one with Vicky Pollard, Andy the fake disabled wheelchair user oh and who can forget the lady that puked every time she realised that something had been done by someone who was forgien, or how about Marjory the weight watching nightmare. My point? It was funny!. Maybe not for everyone but it was well written, well acted and very funny.

Peoples ideas of what is funny and what isn't will always differ, that's life, however take these as a few examples of how stupid the Daily Mail is being. Did all the Cockneys kick off at Del Boy?, Did all the Liverpudlians kick of at Bread? Did all the Asians kick off at Goodness Gracious Me? No of course they didn't. What do people want? Black people only laughing at Black comedians? White people only laughing at white comedians? Asian people only allowed to laugh at Asian comedians? Sound extreme? Not really read the Daily Mail article. They say people complained because 'Ethinic characters were portrayed by white people'. Utter idiots.

Comedy brings people together of all colours, creeds and religions. What I find funny you may not, that's our right in a civilised society. To tarnish as programme as racist, which had the highest figures for a comedy all year and the third highest on the day, is totally wrong. If you don't like it here's an idea, TURN IT OVER!. You don't have to watch it offended of Tunbridge Wells. You can watch something else YOU do find funny. However do no take a cheap shot a programme that you don't like by calling it racist, that is a very low blow and you should be ashamed of yourselves for doing that. You dont find it funny? Thats fine I hate Coronation Street but I dont lable that as racist do I? So why do you feel its okay to label this as racist? Or Frankie Boyles show as well?

I shall be watching it again and laughing my head off, as for the Mighty Boosh and The League Of Gentleman, I'm sure they are very funny but just not for me I'm afraid and I shall be turning them over. Its easy when you think about it isnt it?


  1. mm I get where your coming from.. I must admit though that Frankie Boyles show was a bit naughty where it came to the language *other*ucker I thought was a little bit OTT he could have used a different descriptive word to say how he felt about something. But then saying that as long as its past the water shed time (i think thats what they call it) I have no-problem. I mean I take the piss out of the Irish, I come from a family who are irish.. My Girlfriends family are Irish... How many stories do you hear being told from Irish people about Irish people.. As for racist I have black friends who are racist towards black people if you can work that one out! lol

    Anthony if im honest though... Im completely behind you. :) Well done good blog... Hope your having a good one mate.


  2. Lol for the Father Ted thing, was thinking about them too!! The whole "So you're a racist now, Ted?" ep springs to mind here :-)!!