Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Is Sexism Back?

Ive been shocked over the last few days at what rationale people have had to say on this subject. Ive read some pretty outdated views and also seen some very disturbing things as well. People that I thought were rational have shown themselves to be so out of touch with the modern world it beggars belief. Its time for a little rant I'm afraid.

Over the weekend a female lines woman officiated at a Premier League game. Fair play to her she has obviously worked hard to get to that position and deserves credit for it. Well you would think so apart from the fact that Richard Keys and Andy Gray decided to have a pop at her. The beauty of this was that they didn't realise their microphones were on and the whole world heard what they had to say. Can someone tell me the difference between what they said and what Ron Atkinson said?. Yes the obvious answer was Atkinson's was racist, but I believe what these two idiots have done is just as bad. So why are they still employed? Why hasn't The Sun, apparently the moral compass of the nation , reported it?. Could it be that their employers also own Sky Sports as well?. They have been suspended but this doesn't go far enough I'm afraid. They should be fired. The views were said of camera but to me this just shows their true feelings and they should be fired. Anyone else would be so why shouldn't they be?

The attitude of some of the things I have read is shocking. Ive read things like 'women should stay in the home' or 'who does she thinks she is running a line at a Premier League game' how about this beauty 'The problem with the country today is that women don't know their place anymore'. When the hell did we go back to the 1950's?. Have I missed a time warp at some stage?. These attitudes need to be dealt with straight away as they are totally unacceptable.

I have two girls aged 10 and 7. They are brought up believing they can be whatever they want to be, with hard work and courage. If they want to be a doctor they can, if they want to be a lawyer they can be, however if they want to be a housewife they can be that as well. The reason they can be any of these things is because they have the freedom of choice. They wont though be told to stay at home by any future husband. Not whilst Ive got breath in my body. For that matter as well my boys are being brought up to respect women and treat them in the right way the same way I was by my dad.

Men with these attitudes in my opinion have serious self esteem issues. Rant at me all you want but what you have said, written and spoken over the last few days has no place in the society that we live in. If you cant handle that then you need to get help. Women are equal to us and do you know what? No matter how much it may annoy you, without them we are nothing but a bunch of knuckle draggers. They teach us compassion, they show us how to love, they let us make mistakes and are always there to make us feel better. Get over yourselves gents its time to grow up and stop being so childish. Its time to be a real man.


  1. Hear, hear! I was horrified at what they said too and can't believe they weren't sacked on the spot. I believe they specifically said "She won't know the offside rule" - how stupid is that? How could she get to be a linesman without knowing the offside rule, and how offended would a male linesman have been to have his competence at his job questioned in that way? Makes my blood boil.

  2. I must admit one of the biggest lessons I have learned was about sexism... and the consequence's.
    It took me a little while to learn that we are all equal no matter who we are..

    I remember years ago being very sexist towards women and what they can and cant do. So being 18 and being sexist well it was put to the test!! Well the girl I knew at the time challenged me about being equal (talk about a harsh lesson)... Well so here goes, so to point well she challenged me and said name something which I cannot do.. (meaning her) Well at that time I dont know why... But I always thought myself to be pretty good at certain sports!! One of them being Badminton... So that was the challenge a game of Badminton and the loser pays a forfeit... I should have known better.

    Well upon doing the challenge I had no-idea that she was Essex women's champion !! (OMG) What had I got myself into.. Well you can guess the outcome!! (I lost bigI-time) I dont even think I scored a point. So what was the forfeit you are all asking.. The worst kind... To dress-up as a women... yeah you guessed it the full monty make up skirt heels the lot and to walk to the local off-license!! That was so embarrassing especially wearing lipstick (But I stuck to the forfeit) I did do and not bail-out!!

    A 15 minute walk of pure hell... and the worst part of it was!! The guy behind the counter fancied me... That was a lesson I will never forget. So any member of the opposite sex who reads this!! (we are equal).. Im not going to go down that line again.

    I will say regards from very anonymous lol

  3. Although the comments were derogatory towards women, they were just voicing their opinions which they have a right to do (over to Marc!!!! Hehehe). I think they have just shown themselves up as the dinosaurs that they are, and as everyone knows, they die out eventually. How come some people can have opinions, but not others? I'm sure I've a few that would offend, and repeatedly do amongst the mothers at my daughter's school. And for the record, I do know the off side rule!!!!!

  4. Men and women are not equal, women are by far the superior being as they can bring the gift of life into the world and feed and nuture them. Us men cannot get anywhere near that.

    So equality is not the issue here. What we should be focussing on is the differences. Woman can indeed be whatever they want to be but the one thing they cannot be is a man, not without expensive surgery anyway!

    I have a daughter and if said she wanted to be a referee I would encourage her. The womans game is desperate for good young female officials. What I wouldn't do is want her reffing in the mens game. Why? Because it is a male dominated environment and I don't feel that would be good for her. Also that would be admitting that that the mans game is better. Is not a sexist statement in itself??

    Anyway just something to think about...

  5. But what a way to end a two-decade long spell; being sacked for speaking privately and unaired to someone else. Talk about loyalty. This reminds me of Sir Paul McCartney being criticised for setting a bad example to the youth of Earth for using drugs- "it's not me telling people what I do; it's you [the media] spreading it across the papers."

  6. I personally dont mind if a Man, Woman or Camera officiates a game as long as it is done correctly. I do think that it was a bit dodgy to suspend these clowns for what they said off air, as they are intitled to their opion. However, what has come to light today about what Andy Grey said to that other lady was well across the line, regardless of if you know the off side rule or not.

    Personnaly I have never liked these two jokers, I have always have had very little time for their opinions and often I find that they are wrong, especially when it comes to football matters.

    As for the matter of sexism, I too have a Daughter and I would like to think that she would have the same opportunities as a man when she is older. At the time of writing I have confidence that will be the case as I think sexism is an outdated argument and to discuss it gives it attention it simply doesnt deserve. Easy to say as a Man but I truly do not remember a time when a female friend has told me "because I am a woman...."

    You mentioned a moral compus, I think that we are that to our children, family and friends. Years ago people living in close proximity to each other used to share similar values, belifes and views, political, religous and a sense of what is right and wrong. Now we live such cacooned lives that we need to give that guidence (and take it at times) from those that are close to us and have a track record that we can trust.

    Living in Italy, I am yet to meet a Man who would admit to changing a nappy, use a washing machine, or know how to use an iron. No exaggiration, and also its not sexism. These are the roles that sit comfortably with both genders here. On the other hand, there are far more women Doctors, Bus drivers, Train drivers, captains of industry and politicians then in U.K.

    I think that the world ultimately is what you make for yourself and if someone wrongs you for there own reason, because of your sex, sexual preferance, color or relgion, this is wrong full stop, and should be faught against AND corrected. But putting labes on the biases that people have, I feel is the outdated part.