Monday, 8 August 2011

The riots at the weekend

We as a nation have gone soft, we are so careful to make sure that the minority feel loved and wanted that we have forgotten about the majority of law abiding people in this country. The riots in Tottenham on Saturday and the subsequent disorder in Brixton and Enfield last night should have been dealt with, in my opinion, with zero tolerance.

Before you all start banging on about 'it's the Tories fault', 'what would you know you are white' let me say this, bollocks. It's all a load of bollocks and an excuse for the scum of this country who don't want to work to have a go at the police. The riots started because people were protesting about a bloke who was shot and killed by the police. He was such an angel wasn't he, a real model of society, oh no wait he wasn't was he? He was a known criminal and drug dealer who was armed with a gun, but people don't want to hear that bit do they? It's easier to attack the police for killing someone.

If you don't want the police to be armed, like they are in every other country in the world, then cut them some slack. Would you go and chase someone who you knew was armed with a weapon? Would you put your life on the line for someone you knew had just killed someone and could potentially kill you, but you still went after them to protect the innocent? Until you are prepared to do that then stop having a go at the police.

I watched astonished as a woman walked out of JJB sports with a rail of clothes, I then watched as a woman tried on trainers her mate had nicked and when they didn't fit she went back and got ones that did. Yet the do gooders are all over the tv saying how these people are oppressed and we should show them kindness. Get a grip will you. Respect is earned, not given, if you are not prepared to earn your money then why the hell should I subsidise your criminal activity? I know not all people are like this but most of the ones who rioted on Saturday night are and my angers directed at them.

If this had been any other country they would have been shot, but they are allowed to spit, throw bricks, and attack our police force and we expect them to stand there and take it. Yet, and this is the best bit, when they are in trouble who do they call? That's right the police. It's seems it's okay for them to call them when they need them but is also okay for them to attack them as well. Only in this screwed up country could you get away with that.

Where were our leaders in all of this? On holiday. I'm not saying they should not go away, after all everyone needs a break, but Dave mate I believe your supposed to be running the country so can you tell me why George Osborne, you, that idiot deputy leader Clegg, Theresa 'hug a hoodie' May and Boris Johnson the so called mayor of London were all out of the country at the same time?. This country is in a mess, I trust you to get it right, you've made some tough choices so far and it seems to be okay, apart form pissing of the police force that was really bloody stupid wasn't it, but when you all go out of the country at the same time who exactly is running it?.

That idiot Met Commissioner who was all over my telly yesterday needs to grow a pair as well. You cannot reason with a mob of people who are looting and burning down people's homes. You deal with them with zero tolerance. It isn't because they are black, White, Jewish, or Muslim, you do it because my taxes pay for your wages and the fact that you are supposed to protect me and others like me. That's your job, not to go around making sure that these people are okay who think they can take to the streets and cause havoc. Me and others like me, the forgotten majority who are law abiding and wouldn't dream of what they did, how about thinking about us first or are you to far up your own arse to give a damn about us?

I'm all for peaceful protest, it's what I like about being part of a democratic society but when people loot, attack innocents, attack property because they can, then how about the government of this country and the so called leaders of the police force show some balls for once and deal with these people in the only way they know how.

If you want to carry a knife then fine do 5 years, if you kill someone go away for life. The only weapon the police have is to stop and search people. The police force isn't the racist, male dominated era of the Sweeney so get over yourselves, yes there are bad ones, tell me a job where there isn't? But they do I job I wouldn't do for all the money in the world and in situations like they faced on Saturday night we expect them to protect us and when they do people still moan about their lack of action. What a thankless job they have.

The police on the street have my support, as you should as well, the problem lies higher up the chain. Perhaps I have skimmed over some social issues here, I accept that, but until you stop killing people and ruining lives with riots I am not prepared to listen to them. If you want to be treated like a human being you had better start acting like one.

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  1. 100% Behind you mate in what your saying, I was hearing terrible things across the board what was going on that evening. The Firemen were not able to tackle most of the blazes as they were being attacked ! Can you believe that... These are men and women who go out there to save lives and put out fires.. and they are being attacked by youths.

    The problem is you find these youths they get locked up for a period of time then let out again... Its amazing they get better treated on the inside than what they do on the outside.. pool tables holidays or bribes to be good boys but it dont work! It if were me, then again some would say im sick in the head for saying this.. I would turn prisons into factories, i would want to make the judicial system profitable.. I would make these young youths work 247, I would double a prison in 24 hours with the amount of people I would have in there, just like the tube of an evening. I would have them sharing bunks like shifts, like they did in WW2 on subs..

    Or if the system did not allow that then I would have chain gangs, they do it in the states we can do it here... I would want to see these people out on the streets cleaning up.. In big pink overalls with the crime on there backs to what they have done... I would want to make these young youths embarrassed, I would want to make the families and people in there local community see them. I would want them to feel embarrassed when people see them in there local communities!! Or due to the cuts in the army bring back some national service!! Up at 4am 20 mile hikes, get those morals back installed where they need to be...

    Then again perhaps im sick in the head for having those ideas.