Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Lest We Forget

If you do nothing else today make sure you observe the two minute silence at 11am its the least we owe the millions that have fought and died for this country in many conflicts down the years. It worries me that as these old soldiers die due too old age that we will forget them. Sound strange too say such a thing? Not really let me explain.

The conflict in Afghanistan at the moment is one of the least backed wars we have ever had. Whatever your opinions of it the facts are these. Men and women are DYING out there every day. They didn't ask for this war it was put upon them by a government that had no shame. They wouldn't send their children too war but they expect others to do so. The main part of remembrance Sunday is watching the old soldiers from World War 1 and World War 2 remember their friends and colleagues who died. What about the soldiers from the Falklands? What about the soldiers from Korea? The soldiers from the Bosnian wars? Do they get remembered in the same way? Personally I don't think they do.

We recognise the First and Second World wars because they were a global conflict and prevoke strong memories for most of our Grandparents or in my case my Father as they lived through these wars. That history, those first hand memories will be lost. The wars that we have fought since haven't made the public come together in the way these did. Is that a good or a bad thing? Its a bad thing in my opinion and its something we as a society should be ashamed of.

These brave men and women go to war because they are told too. They put their lives on the line EVERY SINGLE DAY and what do we do? Nothing. Do we welcome them back when they return? Apart from certain villages around the country no we don't. Do we support the injured who have lost limbs or been disabled? Not nearly enough. Do we help them when they need it the most, when they are pensioned out of the Army, Navy or RAF? Of course we don't why would a government spend money on that?. We send aid to forgein countries willy nilly but we don't spend nearly enough money on rehabilitation and helping these people start a new life. We expect them too lay their lives down in a forgein land because the Prime Minister of the day decided he wanted too play soldiers. When they come back we don't do nearly enough for them. We don't tackle the mental scars they have, we don't help them with their disabilities, we don't even say thanks properly. That's a national disgrace.

Why do we do this? I believe its a social problem. We are so politically correct that we allow extremists too stand there and spout their bile in our streets. We allow them to call our soldiers murderers, in case we upset THEM. Sod that arrest them. Get rid of this crass and unworkable law that was forced onto us. We need too show them we CARE. We don't agree with the war we are in at the moment so we sweep it under the carpet. Its easier that way, its something we don't have too address. That is so wrong on so many levels. If a government asks its Army, Navy or RAF to go and fight a war have the balls to arrest ANYONE that taints their name when they return. If they hate it so much here how come they haven't gone home to their own country? Me I'd kick them out end of. What ever you think of the Sun newspaper at least they did something about it with the Help for Heroes charity and raised a shed load of money too support the returning soldiers. Well done to them for that.

I don't agree with war, its destructive and brings misery too people who fight it, those who's country it is being fought in, those injured and those who don't make it back. However, I will support them anyway I can, I will remember those who didn't make it back. They go into battle, told too by government's not through choice, and for that reason and that reason alone I shall continue too buy a poppy and make sure my kids are bought up too respect the job that these men and women do. I will continue too buy a soldier a pint when I see one, I will continue too shake their hands when I see them in Paddington Station. These men and women adn those before them who fought for our freedom deserve so much more than we give them.

As I said at the start, if all you do today is join the 2 minute silence then make sure that is what you do. Its the least they deserve from us, the public whatever your views on war, they didnt start it, but they sure as hell will finish it no matter what the personnal cost to them and their families. Its about time we started showing them we CARE. Observe the two minute silence and buy a Poppy. I shall, will YOU?.