Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Albums That Hold Memories For Me

A couple of days ago I was asked what was my favourite album of all time. I have so many that I couldn't single one out, I first asked for a top three, then five and finally settled on ten. My music tastes are so far and varied I find it impossible too pigeon hole myself as a fan of one type of music or another. So I shall share by favourite albums of all time and why they mean so much too me.

An Innocent Man- Billy Joel

Simply because it was the first album I ever bought. I can remember watching Upton Town Girl on Top Of The Pops and signing it till I knew all the words. When my birthday came round I went and bought a copy of it and found other gems, An Innocent Man, The Longest Time and of course Tell Her About It. I can remember being 10 years old and signing The Longest Time on the way to school with my mates. It bonded us and took away our inhibitions, didn't care who saw or heard us. This album to me is a very special one, as they say you never forget your first time do you?

Thriller- Michael Jackson

The thumping beat of Billie Jean, the naughtiness (well I was 10) of Pretty Yong Thing, Vincent Price on Thriller, this has to be the most complete album of all time. Every record could have been released as a single and made number 1. If I remember correctly they nearly all were as well. Trying to do the moonwalk, this album started an oppesiosn with Michaal Jackson that would last through the 80's and would only end when all the negative publicity started, it just didn't sound the same anymore, although with his passing I've started listening to him again, but it just doesn't feel the same anymore.

In Pieces- Garth Brooks

Country music to me at the time was all about yeah hah, shagging your cousin, drinking beer with the good old boys, and frankly quite crap. That was until one night I was watching the Des O'Conner show and saw this huge Texan in a cowboy hat sit down at a piano and start playing the Red Stokes. That was it I was hooked and have been ever since. He doesn't record anymore but at one stage he was the biggest selling artist of all time, yes even more than Elvis and Michael Jackson.

It's A Kind Of Magic- Queen

My first Queen album and again bought with birthday money. The cover was animated drawings of the band and I remember watching Highlander and realising that most of the songs from the album were in this film so it immediately became one of my favourite films. I was never lucky enough to see Queen live, at their peak I was too young to go to concerts on my own, but I remember watching Live Aid and seeing this guy totally control the crowd like he was some sort of magician. Everyone was eating out of his hand and he walked around the stage with a crown on his head and a cloak. His my favourite front man of all time, my favourite singer and my number two favourite band behind the next act.

New Jersey- Bon Jovi

My all time favourite band. I was at school when Slippery When Wet came out and they have been there at different stages of my life ever since. They seem to release an album when some major event is happening in my life and I listen to their songs and I'm instantly back there, at that time and place. For example, It's My Life was number 1 when Laura was born, These Days was released whilst I was on honeymoon, Have a Nice Day came out the day I started a new job. New Jersey though means more to me than any other because it was their comeback album, there had been talk of them splitting up, of John

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