Thursday, 8 September 2011

Meme seven links

I have been invited to do a meme by Baglady, I've never done one before and was intrigued as to what I needed to do. I have looked over my blog and found seven of my pieces of writing that I feel for one reason or another deserve another look. It was difficult to pick just seven if Im honest as there were a couple for each section that could have easily fitted into the required criteria.

This blog started as a writing exercise for me but has grown into something I cherish, I may have joined the blogging world late but it has lead to some fantastic opportunities for me. Relationships have been formed from it and I have set myself new standards and goals with my writing that weren't there before. Partly due to the standard of blogs I now read but also for my own progression, more of that later though, so for now here are my seven blogs. I hope you enjoy them.

Your Most Beautiful Post:

This was the hardest one to choose if I'm honest, beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say, but what defines beauty? Is it something that moves you to tears, or something you read again and again?. For me the hardest blog I've ever written was Dear Laura. An open letter as such to my eldest daughter as she moved onto secondary school. I cried when I wrote it, I still well up now, simply because I realised that she wasn't a little girl anymore and I needed too let her go a little more than I was ready for. One day I'll show it to her, but not yet.

Your Most Popular Post:

Every now and then I write short stories on my blog. Goodbye is the most popular of them all. It is also my most popular post which I'm very proud of. It was something I got the idea from a conversation I had with a friend of mine. I have been asked to write a story from the husbands point of view, I may do that sooner than people think.

Your Most Controversial Post:

This one is easy, I wrote An Open Letter To This Spineless Government after watching the group of Muslims burn the poppy on remberance day last year. I was so incensed by what I saw I blogged about it, the fall out was huge. I had people starting Facebook pages about me trying too get me blocked on there, I had emailed death threats, I had to remove over 15 abusive comments, but I received a lot of support as well. I had emails from service men and women thanking me for pointing out how they felt. I received emails from ex-servicemen agreeing with me, it was probably one of the most challenging times as a blogger. Read the post and let me know your thoughts, have things changed in the year since I wrote it?

Your Most Helpful Post:

Have I ever offered anyone any advice on my blog? I don't think so but the closest I got was when I wrote Twitter. I was annoyed at the way that people abused celebrities on twitter for no reason, did they ask for it? Some do but others don't. I'll let you decide.

A Post Who's Success Surprised You:

My first short story, The Love Of My Life, totally shocked me. I didn't tell anyone I was writing it, I just posted it. The reaction was unbelievable, people asking if it was true, people telling me it's was brilliant, I was thankful for all comments. Is it as good as I was told? I don't know to be honest, I'm pleased with it don't get me wrong but the shock value of it, after all I'd never done anything like it before, perhaps made people think it was better than it was.

A post you feel didn't get the attention it deserved:

I write about my family a bit, and this one Looking For The Dummy I was very proud of. I really liked it, perhaps I posted it at the wrong time, I don't know but it didn't get the attention I thought it deserved so let's try again, please read it.

The post you are most proud of:

I realised the power of the Internet good and bad, when I wrote this blog, My Family And The Cyber Bully. It was a terribly dark and worrying time for me and my family but thankfully we got through it in the end. It brought home to me as a parent how vunerable my daughter was and it was the first time I have ever come across something like this. I'm proud of it because by writing the blog it made others realise how dangerous the Internet is, I'm proud of it because it helped catch the culprit and made others at the school aware. I'm mostly proud of myself though because by writing this blog I didn't take the law into my own hands, I had an outlet, a place where I could make a difference, my blog came of age the day I wrote this.

Passing it on:

As part of the meme I have to pass it onto others so without further ado, these are some of my favourite bloggers.

Daggers Diary, written by two friends it is the ultimate fan blog for Dagenham and Redbridge. Humour and an offbeat way at looking at what it is like to support a League 2 football club.

The Domesticated Bohemian is written by Phillip a fantastic writer who encourages others to write. I love his observations of life and his short stories are superb and something I aspire too. Go ahead and visit his blog, he's very good.

A Little Light In London is written by Bth. A mixture of memories and observations she doesn't write as much as she should do. I hope she does soon though as I miss her blogs.

Joanna Cannon is a blog written by Joanna that has some very personal posts about the people that she meets on her rounds as an NHS doctor. More than once she has moved me to tears with her superb writing, she may not pass this on but I felt that she needed more people to read what she writes as it's simply stunning.

So there we go my meme is complete, thank you to Baglady for the invitation I really enjoyed doing this.


  1. Thanks very much for the kind words. Yep I'll do it over the next few days. I'm feeling kind of nostalgic so a good time to be looking back over a few things.

  2. Really good choices, Anthony, and some posts there I had never read. So glad you did the meme.

  3. Thank you for the invitation it was really good too look back at some of my previous writing. Really enjoyed It thank you.

  4. Thank you for this post. I have read your writing through twitter, but am pleased to be able to follow you via blogger, and enjoyed these posts! I'm very honoured to be chosen by you as a 'favourite'. Thank you. I know I should be writing more. Must work less, and write more!! Will try from now on.