Friday, 23 December 2011

The Perfect Year?

The Christmas presents are wrapped and under the tree, the turkey is taking its final walk around the fields wondering were all his mates have gone and the house looks like santa's grotto. The year is almost at an end and Im writting my last blog of 2011. Has it been a perfect year? I'll let you decide.

It has been a year of many changes, a conversation led to us selling our house and for all wants and purposes we now have our dream home. The most stressful thing Ive ever done and I shall leave that house in a box of my own before I carry another one out of it. We are still making changes to the decor but its finally beginning to feel like home.

My writing? Well what a learning curve this year has been. Three quarters of the way through the 1st draft of my book I look back at the start of the year and the goals I set myslef and realise I got a little lost for most of it. I didnt achieve some of the things I wanted to do but it has made me a better writer and I have learned valuable lessons along the way.

I had my coloumn with a local paper until I stopped it a few days ago. I couldnt write what they wanted me to write, I wasnt going to be their whipping boy and write things about my club that I disagreed with. They edited my words to suit their own needs and in my naivety I went along with it. The back lash was hurtful and made me realise that I am only truly happy when I am writing what I want to write and not what people think I should write.

Its been a year of making new friends and ending other friednships because I didnt agree with their views. I dont regeret the decisons I've made just that I didnt make them sooner. I no longer worry about the amount of friends I have but the quality of those friends whether they are 'virtual friends' who converse with each other regulary or people I spend my time with.

Im confortable in my own skin for the first time in a long time, Im happy with the way I can see the future panning out. Im confident enough to think that I will send my book off at some point next year and if its successful then great but if not I will self publish it. Ive met some great writers this way and love reading their books.

Ive found a new love of books that perhpas I'd lost down the years. My thirst for new material has created a note book full of notes and ideas that have formed in my own head. I find myself daydreaming once more as I did as a child, jotting down ideas at all odd times. Inspiration can really strike you anywhere if you let it, so make sure you have a pen in the toilet, there you go a little tip for you.

My eyes are seeing things differently now, it feels like I have finally opened them and my creative side is begining to wake from its slumber. Im excited about the future and what it holds. Most of all though Im thankful for what I have. My wife who loves me even when I am at my worst and still loves me at my best. My kids who are growing up faster than I want but who make me smile every day.

Its been an up and down year with triumphs and disasters, with challanges and victories, new friends found and close family passing away. It hasnt been a perfect year but the gains sure as hell out weigh the losses.

Merry Christmas all I hope its a blast.


  1. A lovely reflection on the year. Hope 2012 brings you all that you wish for.

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  3. Well for me it has been a very perfect year.

  4. It's true that it hasnt been a perfect year but the gains sure as hell out weigh the losses.

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