Saturday, 14 March 2015

Mothers day

To all the Mothers that I know and some of those I don't, Happy Mothers Day enjoy your day.

You have been awoken by the soft kisses of your children, you have been given the burnt toast, the cold cup of tea/coffee, the smiling face/faces have passed you a hand written card and a badly wrapped present. You are barely awoke yet you smile and open the gifts so lovingly presented. This is your day they tell you, "Happy Mothers Day Mum" they yell meaning every word. Yet the reality will hit you very shortly.

As you make your way down stairs you catch a glimpse of the kitchen, the bread left open on the side, the butter with its lid off laying next it. The milk standing watch as if on guard, all happily made for you just moments before but you know that you will be the one to clear it up. It doesn't change its always the same. Yet you never moan you just get on.

The promises of a roast dinner, cooked with love and care for you by the family, fills you with dread as you know that you will end up doing it all as they lose interest, the Ipad, that urgent text message that must be answered will draw their attention away from the need to make sure the Brussels Sprouts don't boil over.

There was a promise of a meal out, "You wont have to do any of the cooking Mum" they chirped, but it was left too late to book and so here you are once again feeding the brood. They mean well, you know that but it always ends this way. Yet you make do and get on. This is what you do.

They promised you a day off, feet up in front of the telly watching your soaps whilst they waited on you hand and foot, but who will get the packed lunches made for school the next day, who will make sure the uniform is at the end of the bed, you know they will become engrossed in the match playing on the TV and a familiar "5 minutes I promise" yet those 5 minutes never come. Yet you still continue on.

She is called Mother Nature for a reason, she nurtures and looks after us, as you do. Every now and then you may explode as does she, your own version of a tornado sweeping all in front of you, making us realize how we take you for granted always expecting you to be there to make things right. Never thanking you until its too late. Then just like her you restore calm just as quickly, and the sun that shines upon us once again restores peace to us all.

You are the bond that binds us, the one that makes sure we are all okay and keep in touch. You are there with the words of wisdom and kisses to heal the hurt and pain. You are the arms that envelope us and make us feel safe and warm. You are the ones that tell us "No" when we think it is a great idea.

You always forgive us, our greatest sins, our weaknesses, and never stand over us gloating at our mistakes making us feel worse than we already do. You deliver the highest praise and wear your pride in us on your sleeve for all to see. "Thats my Son/Daughter " you'll say at every chance you get, making sure the people around you know who you are talking about.

Your are our Mothers, Mums, Mams, Moms, these are the names we call you. We ask more of you than we can ever repay you, yet you ask for nothing more than appreciation and our love in return. We should cherish you more than we do, as you are only here a short while and our regrets last a lifetime when you are gone. Today is your day, its all about you.

To my Mum I love you and thank you for all that you do. To My wife you are the best Mum our kids could ever have. To My Sister, you have it harder than most yet they are good boys and worship you. To my sister in law you have grown into a wonderful mother and taken on boys that aren't your own and given them a home they can feel safe in, my mother in law, thank you for all you do I couldn't have had a better one if I'd tried, to my other mother in law Carol you are the rock that binds paul and alex together. We love all of you even if we do take you for granted sometimes. 

Happy Mothers Day.

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