Sunday, 11 July 2010

Life After Death

Is there life after death? If so do you believe in it?. Its a big question isn't it. Personally Id like to believe there is. It gives me comfort to think this way. I would hate to believe that when I go that's it. Ill either be buried in a box in the ground or scattered across the earth. As my family grows older and they pass away I will become a distant memory, forgotten lost to history forever.

That scares me a little if I'm honest. That everything I have ever done, or hoped to do will be lost. Every tear Ive cried, every drop of blood Ive spilt, every hug , every kiss, every I love you Ive ever said and received, gone forever. I walked this amazing planet called earth for a short while and all Ive ever done is gone. Forgotten with my passing. Or is it?. I'm not religious by any stretch of the imagination, sometimes I think Id like to be but I just cant buy into it. Its the sceptic in me.

I know people take great comfort in their beliefs and that's great, I hope it brings you peace and comfort, but its not me. I like to think that there is a higher power out there guiding us, helping us to make tough choices and decisions, offering comfort when we need it but I don't call this God. Its just something that cant be explained.

Ive heard the arguments that if there was a God why does he let bad things happen to good people. Ive heard the argument back that he punishes us as a race and not as individuals. I don't buy either argument if  I'm honest. I also don't believe that religions start wars. Men start wars, they pull the trigger or push the button not religion. It isn't religion that kills a man with its bare hands, it us as man that does that. We make the choice of our own free will to do these acts. No one else does.

I see the psychics on the telly contacting spirits from the other side. Do I believe them I'm not so sure I don't to be honest some people dismiss this as trickery, but is it. I know people that have had great comfort bought to them by this experience. The thought that their loved one is no longer in pain and is happy is a great relief to people in what is a very dark time in their lives. Who am I to argue with that? What right do I have to dismiss it as trickery? None.

Ive seen two things in my life that even now I cant explain. One of them Ive shared with family the other Ive never told a soul. The first happened many years ago. My wife's Nan had died, she was a special lady and my wife and her were very close. A few night after she had passed I went to bed and as I lay down I saw her. She was standing in the door way and she smiled at me. I absolutely shit a brick. I jumped up and flicked the light on, woke my wife and shaking told her what Id seen. She listened and smiled and said she had came to let us know she was okay and because she had frightened me she wouldn't be back. My wife took great comfort from this as did I. I shared this with some family down the years and they said the same as my wife.

Years passed, but I never forgot it and even now as I write this I can still remember it vividly, the sense of fear and surprise but also a huge sense of calm.

The second time it happened was when my Nan died, Ive never shared this but it was very similar. She had died a few weeks before and I was sitting in my flat late at night, my wife was asleep in bed when I saw her standing right in front of me. I wasn't as shocked as the first time and she came towards me smiling. I smiled back and told her I loved her and she was gone. I felt a huge surge of energy and love pass trough me. Then I sobbed for the first time since she had passed.

Did I see these things or were they a trick of my imagination? Personally even today I believe I did. As Ive said before I'm not religious but these two women reached out to me when I needed them most and made me realise that they were okay. I will never forget those feelings I felt, the sense of calm and love that came over me.

I hope when I go they are there waiting for me and that I can somehow reach out to my family when they need me most. They know I love them dearly and I'm not ready by a long way to go yet, but Ill be there watching over them, helping them, giving them little signs I'm still around. As I said at the start I'm not religious or follow any religion, I don't believe in God or any God, if you do I hope it brings you strength and comfort when you need it most.

As for me Ill hang onto to what I saw and hope I can do the same, because if I'm honest the thought of the alternative, that there isn't anything else out there scares me more than any other things I may discover in this life.

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