Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Its Snow People It Wont Kill You

This country amazes me sometimes and not in a good way I'm afraid. We have snow and guess what? The whole country comes to a standstill. Schools close because teachers cant get in? People take the day off work because they might get cold waiting for a train. Why? Its snow for crying out loud. Yes it may be a little difficult to get in so what? Make the effort!.

We are teaching our children that its okay to not go to school when the weather is not to our liking. We then show them that because Daddy or Mummy has to travel an extra hour that its okay not to go to work. We then wonder why we have a generation who feel its okay to sponge of the state and not bother going to work as it might take them some time too get there!!! Whats wrong with people. For all those schools that closed yesterday, why YOU had the day off, Mum's and Dad's had to take annual leave or go sick to LOOK after the kids you LET DOWN. You should be ashamed off yourselves. Too strong? Perhaps but I bet 80% didnt even make the effort. To the 20% that did. Superb effort and well done.

Let me tell you about my day yesterday. It snowed quite heavily were I live. I got up got the kids dressed and gave them breakfast. Checked my phone for messages and saw one from the school saying it was open. Didn't expect anything else to be honest. So we then set off for school. How did we get there? We walked as we always do. Now I know this isnt always possible for everyone and I accept that. However make the effort people, leave earlier if you have to. Anyway, on the way too school we had a snowball fight. When we got to the school a few of my daughters friends saw us and joined in. Everyone was happy and smiling and god forbid ENJOYING THEMSELVES.

I then walked home and guess what I did? Go on see if you can? No? Okay I got ready for work and left an hour earlier than usual to make sure I was on time. WOW I made an effort. I was brought up to go to school or go to work. When I was a kid if I wanted a day off of school I had to be on my death bed. In 7 years I have had 2 days off work. One for food poising and the other for a pulled muscle in my back. I couldn't stand up so I couldn't get to work. I took pain killers and WENT IN THE NEXT DAY. Do I want your praise or your sythmapy? Nope don't need it to be honest.

I have had a work ethic instilled in me as a kid. Something I will instill in my kids. They WILL NOT sponge of the state. They WILL NOT take a day off work because it may take them longer too get to work whilst they live in my house. People that take time off when they are not ill really annoy me. Its about time that the GOOD people of this country, the people that make the effort, start to take this country back from the wasters, the lazy and the bloody ignorant. Teachers get a grip and go and do your job. You have a moral responsibility too teach my kids right from wrong. If the Police can go to work, the Fireman can go to work, the Ambulance people can go to work THEN GET OFF YOUR ARSES AND GO TO WORK!!!!!!!!.

I know of one teacher yesterday that couldn't make it to work, about 2 miles away. They were then seen in Lakeside 15 miles away SHOPPING!. I hope they get reported and fired. Its snow, its cold, yes its slippy and icy, but if you decide not to go to work for those reasons you don't deserve your job. Me? Id make you take it as a days holiday and then fire you, IF you cant get to work because its a little cold or a little bit of snow then you really need too look in the mirror. How does Canada cope or half of America cope when they get FEET of snow?. They do it so why cant we? Its all about a moral responsibility and making the effort.

For those of you who genuinely cant get in you have my sympathies, for those of you that cant be bothered, you have my contempt.


  1. Bloody hell wanna try living in the North mate! None of the roads are gritted up here and you are taking your life in your hands just getting in your car.
    Three times yesterday I had to dig my car out of a blizzard so in the end I just decided to work from home as getting to and from the office was not worth the risk.
    The schools up here have been closed all week and I can't see them opening until Monday at the earliest. I wouldn't even risk taking my lad to school as its a 10 mile drive and would not be safe. It nothing to do with laziness at all and I fully support the school being shut.
    Of course we cannot cope with snow in this country but then why should we? It only snows for a couple of weeks a year if we are unlucky so we can't really prepare for it. Canada and other places get snow all the time so they are used to it. Should be waste billions of pounds of taxpayers money to prepare for a week of snow we might never get? Until last winter we hardly had any snow for years...
    So my advice is to be safe and don't risk your life by making unnecessary journeys. Yes snow is inconvienient but it doesn't last long and if we have to take a few days off school or work then it is a small price to pay.

  2. Mate I appreciate that some parts of the country it is very deep and dangerous. However here in London its 2cm tops if that and they don't go to work or school. Deep snow yes completely agree but 2cm's come on even you can see how stupid that is surly?

  3. The problem is the schools are worried parents will sue them if a kid has an accident so they can't take the risk.
    Personally I would love to see the whole country shut down whenever it snows as I detest the stuff and resent having to go out in it for something as mundane as all the local football gets called off so I don't get paid as I got no matches to cover...and if I wanted to live in a snowy country I would move to Siberia or Iceland...but I live in England and it used to be mild here...