Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Big Interview........who's turn is it this week?

This weeks Big Interview is Kerry MacDonald. I went to school with Kerry and among others she was my smoking partner before school down the alley way at the end of Raymond Road.She was a good friend among the others that were there and made my hair curl a few times with some of her stories. She has been a huge help recently when Ive been through some tough times and she has offered sound advice as always. So as a way of thanks to her, Kerry here is your moment of fame. Enjoy it.

Kerry's dodgy perm

Who Are Ya?

Kerry MacDonald - 37 years young

Your Favourite Decade?

Mixture of 80's and 90's. Music only for 80's, 90's fashion and music, not to mention SOCIAL LIFE (what's that??????)

Your Favourite Toy As A Child?
My Dolls

Your Worst Ever Haircut?

A dodgy spiral perm

If You Could Do Any Job In The World What Would It Be?

A full time writer (I'm hoping that 'I' isn't a typo) (don't worry its not Anthony)

Your Most Embarrassing Moment Ever?
Skirt tucked into my knickers at a wedding reception.

Your Favourite Album And Film Of All Time?

Don't have just one favourite .. Gone With The Wind, Bugsy Malone, Girls just want to have fun. Music - soul classics, Teddy Pendergrass, George Benson, Ray Parker Jnr. Roxy music.

Your Worst Ever Job?

Wimpy in Gants Hill when I was 15.

Your Favourite Place In The Whole World?

Don't have a favourite place, as long as I'm with people I like. Best holiday so far was Cyprus.

Tell Us Something We Don't Know About You?
I have 6 tattoos.

Thanks Kerry the perm looks great x. Look out for a special Halloween Big Interview in the next two weeks. I'm finalising the details but I should have TWO very special guests.

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