Monday, 18 October 2010

An Open Letter To Wayne Rooney

Oi Wayne, what on earth do you think you are doing? You want to quit Manchester United then do you? Mate I never had you down as the brightest button in the box but even you cant be that stupid can you? Honestly? It would be the worst decision you EVER made, well apart from the granny grabbing and the prozzies but more of that later hey fella.

I'm no Man Utd fan to be honest, but I hate seeing good players waste a god given talent. Don't even get me started on Gavin Henson and Strictly. If you ain't careful Shrek that's where you are going to be 10 years from now. The most talented English footballer we have had in years and what do you do? Bite the hand that feeds you. Well done fella.

I don't get it I really don't. You want to leave the most successful club in the past 15 years, the most successful manager the British Game has ever had and go where? Spain? Mate even you cant be that stupid can you?. You think that your missus is going to follow you to Spain like some sort of puppy dog? Yeah can see that happening. After all you've done to her you expect her to leave her family and move to Spain to live with you?. I think her family may have something to say about that.

I hear Madrid fancy you playing for them, sounds good doesn't it, well apart from your best mate Ronaldo being there hey? Remember him, the winker? Yeah that's the fella. Oh not looking so good now is it!. Wayne mate you are your own worst enemy by far. You have become so arrogant that you think the world revoles around you don't you?. Guess what matey it doesn't and the quicker you realise that the better you'll be. You cheated on your wife with prostitutes not once but twice. If that wasn't bad enough you did it whilst she was pregnant and then you have the gall to have ago at the press? Utterly priceless.

You are at a crossroads in your career now mate. Your 25 and need to grow up. Fergie knows when too offload a player mate. Can you name any that he has got rid off that have bettered their career at their new clubs? Nope none. Not ONE of them. Beckham pranced around Spain for a bit selling shirts then went to LA. Van Nistelroy did the same and won nothing. So yeah Wayne sounds a great idea doesn't it.

Here's some advice for you, no don't worry its free. Shut Up!. Yep simple as that. Shut Up!. Go too Fergie and tell him you want to stay, then work hard and battle your way back too form. It wont be easy but you brought it on yourself so tough. Have the balls for a change to admit you were wrong. If you want to be remembered as a truly GREAT player then work at it and stop running away every chance you get and blaming everyone else. You slept with the prostitutes, you annoyed Fergie, you had a crap World Cup. Look in the mirror for once and admit you were wrong. Then start putting it right before you waste what talent you have and become a figure like Gazza, a wasted talent who people feel sorry for. Its up to you, are YOU man enough?

Cheers fella


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