Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Best Job In The World

Having time off sick, which I hate by the way the boredom does my head in, has allowed me to think about things. To get a little sentimental but to also see what I enjoy and how I can do things better than I am. The thing is though the one thing it has made me realise is I have the best job in the world. Nope I haven't lost it don't worry. This job doesn't pay me anything money wise, it is long hours, trying, stressful, but most of all it brings me more happiness than anything that I do. The best job in the world is being a father, a dad, pops or whatever else you call them.

I have four kids who are my world. I may shout at that them, I may tell them off but they are my kids and I will be here for as long as I'm supposed to be here for. I have two girls 10 and 7 and two boys 4 and 3. Each very different personality wise, each very different in their looks, but each one totally loved by me, and I hope loved back by them. They are all at different stages in their young lives now and although Laura at 10 is leading the way, the others are being just as she was at those ages only in their unique way of doing things.

Laura is in her last year of Primary School. We are awaiting to hear what secondary school she is going to which we wont hear about for another few months. She is growing up into a beautiful, independent and strong minded young lady. A pleasure to spend time with, she was my first born and I dread the day she leaves home. A long way off perhaps, but soon she wont need me as much as she does now, she will make her own friends, want to go out with them and not me. That's going to be a tough bridge for me to cross, but Ill get there.........eventually.

Grace is in the middle of Primary school. She reminds me so much of me at that age it scares me. Daydreaming her way through life, making friends and with the most acute fashion sense Ive ever seen. I'm not sure what it is but she can pick any clothes out of a cupboard and they just match. You couldn't chose those clothes yourself she just has a knack of doing it. Untidy and messy, but with all the love in the world to give she makes me smile every day. She can also drive me nuts but she wants to spend time with me playing games and drawing. She hasn't quite got Laura's independence yet, that's a few years away so Ill make the most of the years we have until we get there. She is the one that is going to be the one surrounded by kids, she just loves them.

Michael and Reece the dynamic duo. The closest of all my kids in age there is 20 months between them, so similar and yet so very different. I keep getting this recurring dream that they are both at school one day and I get a phone call from the school it goes something like this:

"Hello is that Mr Hodgson?"
"Hello, this is the Headmaster of your sons school would it be possible for you to come and get them?"
"Yes, why?"
"Well, how can I put this, Michael and Reece are on the roof having attached their underpants to the school flagpole and are waving them around for all to see. Errrr also Mr Hodgson, they are waving their backsides at the rest of the school"
"Oh My God Ill be there straight away".

That about sums them up to be honest, they have this cheeky way about them both. A little mischievous, a little daring, always doing things together. Michael is the quieter of the two, a real daddy's boy, always sitting on my lap or playing computer games. He isn't into sport that much but I'm sure that will change. He started school this year and has made lots of friends. He enjoys it but always wants a final look at me before he goes into school.

Reece is a mummy's boy, no problem with that, but he will always ask for my wife first. They spend the most time together so I can understand that. Very headstrong and knows what he wants he is also a very loving kid. Football mad, always wanting to kick a ball about he is the baby of the family and sometimes plays up to it. He will be the one that wont leave his sisters alone when they get older. Laura all prim and proper with Reece and his mates looking through the key hole.

So there you are then that's my broad and as I said at the start I have the best job in the world. Made even more special by the kids that call me Dad. A proud man at that.


  1. Your very lucky to blessed with kids Anthony. And even more blessed to be able to accept that one of your boys is a mummy's boy of which you have no problem with.
    I spent many years as a child as a mummy's boy which was hated by my step father. Not a nice feeling when your 8 years old and to be hated so much for only showing extreme love for the most important person in your life.
    Well done mate. You're doing a great job.
    Lets hope the dream don't ever come true haha.

  2. Thanks mate it's more of a nightmare than a dream lol. The problem is though I can see them doing it as well!. I'm a lucky man.

  3. I think it would be quite funny if you actually got a call like that one day, I enjoy funny children.

  4. You are lucky Tony to have four such gorgeous kids, as you say all different but all lovely and cuddly, I am proud to be an auntie to them, so Thank you both for my neices and nephews.