Monday, 3 January 2011

Thats What Friends Are For.

Ive been reading a few different blogs recently, mainly to get some ideas and mainly because I love reading other peoples thoughts. A good one is 'The Musings Of A Wannabe Star' By a young girl called Jessi Haish She is from a small town in America and she pours her heart on her blog. We have been chatting lately about this and that and I suddenly realised something.

Isn't it easier to write down what you feel rather than say it face to face?. Ive written some very personal stuff on my blog, Ive also ranted and raved as well, but mainly I haven't said much of this to people face to face. I just find it easier to write because I don't have to look in their eyes for a reaction. If they don't like it they probably wont say, yet if I say it to their face I will get a reaction. Is that cowardly? I'm not sure to be honest.

The other thing Ive noticed as well is the amount of people on blogs that leave nasty comments that are anonymous. Do I blame them for this? A little yes because its not as if I know you is it?. They can however hide behind this as a way of protecting themselves cant they?. That I guess is what we are all trying to do isn't? Protect ourselves from things that may hurt us. Things that we don't like or want to hear.

There are people out there that say they don't care what other people say or think about them. That may be true for 10% of them but I bet the other 90% deep down do care don't they?. The worst part of my job is giving people negative feedback. Its part of my job, I don't enjoy but it has to be done sometimes. It all depends on the way you deliver it though. Ive heard of the shit sandwich (good news, bad news, good news) it doesn't work. I would rather be told straight and then I can deal with it and that way I can get better at it. This is what I do with the people I work with. They may not want to hear it but its the way they react to it that makes them better at what they do isn't it?.

This year will be tough for a lot of people, no doubt about that. The way you get through it though will depend on your attitude towards what you face. Me? Oh I always have a day or so of why me? Then I pick myself up and try and change the situation for the better. People can be nasty and saw awful things but the trick is to keep those that matter to you as close as possible and cherish them. To lean on them for support when I or you need it, to listen to the words of wisdom they befall on you and I when we cant see an end to the pain, but most of all to be there, just be there whenever we need it the most.

That is what friendship is all about.

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