Monday, 3 January 2011

The Guest Blogger...... Happy New Year

Here it is then the first blog by Marc Teiman. He will be here every Monday giving his views on what he sees wrong with the world. I'm happy he has agreed to do this but must make clear that they are Marc's views and not mine. So any anonymous people that want to have a go address them to Marc! Now then lets, let him introduce himself and see what he has to say about the New Year.

Welcome to 2011

Name: Marc Teiman .

Age: 36.

Location: Essex

Description: Rather overweight opinionated person.

Likely response: “Well, I am right, aren’t I? If you disagree then argue the point rather than just moan about it”.

Hello fans (maybe not). First of all, I would like to thank Anthony for giving me access to his blog (oo er missus) as a guest writer. This will take some pressure off of Anthony and also give me the chance, as a keen writer, for you to read things from a different angle.

Most of you will know me or at least know of me via Facebook conversations and you will know that what you read is what you get with me – I am no holds barred, straight to the point and will always say what I feel from personal experience. Some of the views may enrage you, some you may even agree with but the point of Anthony giving me this ‘job’ is that Anthony, as well as I feel that I am qualified enough to write thought provoking pieces that can start a debate.

I have been warned not to swear, so I won’t, I will also refrain from racism but remember one thing, when reading you have to engage your brains (you all have them) and understand that there is a major difference between racism and opinion. If you feel you cannot distinguish between the two then my blogs may not be for you so please switch over now, thank you.

OK, are we ready? Are you all sitting comfortably? No? OK, go on then, go grab a drink and by the time you get back I would have started, you’ll just have to catch up with things

Happy New Year

Quite simply and appropriately this is the title of my first blog so sit back and enjoy the piece.

By nature I am a naturally negative person, I guess that is from life experience. I look at things like this – if something goes right or I get some good news it is a bonus – I would rather be realistic because I am used to poor customer service, sub-standard goods, being let down etc so expect the worst case scenario and prepare for it.

Friday 31st December, 11.58pm, down a pint, 11.59pm, join hands for Auld Langs Syne (what a load of codswallop that is), BOIIIINNNGGGG, ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ kiss nearest person, jump about like a lunatic and 2 minutes later it’s all over.

So, what is actually meant by ‘Happy New Year’? Obviously we all hope it is going to be better than the previous year but in fact saying it is probably just tradition as 2011 (or whatever year it is) is likely to be just as bad as the previous year, and probably worse due to the economy, VAT hike, crime, world disasters, and we like those as we can plough loads of spare cash in to foreign countries as the UK has loads of it, go on, have £100m, doesn’t matter about the problems in the UK with closed hospital wards, A&E departments, lack of housing etc – the Brits will just bite their tongue and accept it.

So, let me forecast what will happen in the new year to make it ‘happy and better’ than 2010. Well, unless you are well off, have property, a well paid job, a massive pension and loads of savings I put it to you that 2011 will be WORSE for you than 2010. I am sorry if that sounds harsh or negative but it is the truth.

Most of you working, like me, will have the threat of redundancy circling in your heads, your cost of living will escalate, everything that happened in 2010 will happen again in 2011 like world problems, UK economic problems, housing shortages, NHS funding reduced, less police on the streets, bigger risk of terrorism, more of our brave men and woman losing their lives in pointless wars etc.

So, what is there to be happy about, seriously? I understand you should always try and be positive but unless you are one of the small percentage who simply do not care as you have always had money, property, your health and lifestyle then I really cannot see how 2011 is going to be ‘happy’ considering what is in the pipeline for a lot of us.

So, I put it to you, is the tradition of wishing everyone a happy new year a load of old tosh? Yes, you may mean it but the point is, well, it’s a bit pointless really isn’t it as their 2011 is likely to be as mind numbingly mundane and full of lots of downs and very few ups as yours is.

Right, have I depressed you all enough yet? OK, let’s get the ball rolling and have some debate on all things ‘new year’ In fact let’s include the holiday period in this full stop so feel to debate about the finer points of Xmas, New Year etc, you know, the period that everyone ‘loves’ but secretly moan about because they don’t ‘really love it’ but do it all for traditions sake and for the kids and then wonder why they are skint come mid January.

I appreciate this is a pretty short post and probably not one of my best but lets just get things going before I build up to a new year ‘biggie’

All the best.


Let us know what you thought in the comments below and if there are any other issues you would like us to address.


  1. Short sweet... or not so sweet. But nothing wrong there all true words. Agree with you 100% on the UK giving away too much cash to various countries to support there short fall or problems. I always think charity should start at home, obviously this country is doing it the wrong way... We give away the £ but then sit back and close or cut various services to the UK public Police/Education/Hospitals. Something is not right!! We gave away something like 700million ?? Lets just say WTF is going on...


  2. Oh great, an "I'm not racist but...." blogger.

    "I feel that I am qualified enough to write thought provoking pieces that can start a debate.
    Really? How reassuring.

    "I am no holds barred, straight to the point and will always say what I feel from personal experience."
    That sounds like the character played by Jim Carey in "Liar, Liar". You may consider this attribute a strength, others may describe it as a lack of tact.
    "I will also refrain from racism but remember one thing, when reading you have to engage your brains (you all have them) and understand that there is a major difference between racism and opinion."
    What are you saying here? That is a bit like saying you can be you can write disgraceful slurs on other ethnic groups- but it isn't racist because you are only stating an opinion.(And an inability to determine that somehow makes you stupid?)
    Why the need to suggest you will refrain from being racist? Are we to interpret from this that if it wasn't at Anthony's request you would be writing biggoted, xenophobic blogs?

    Sorry to see that this blog has gone this way.

  3. Wow okay a little feedback. I've known Marc along time and he isn't racist. He is opinionated certainly but racist no. All the stuff posted on this blog is checked before it goes on by me. I asked Marc to help out so as I could finish my book and keep the content up. I check everything and I can assure you if I thought it wasn't right I wouldn't post it. Marc will be here Mondays only so please feel free if you don't like what he writes to come back on other days. I can assure you though that there will be no racist, defamatory or any other kind of writing while this blog has my name on it. Opinionated yes of course thats what I do, thanks for the comments I will take them on board. Do others feel this way? Let me know.