Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Moral High Ground.

There used to be a saying that whatever happened in America would eventually come over here. This mainly meant things like electronics and fashion. That was the old days. What we have inherited from America in the past 10 years is obesity and the talk show. Now I'm not going to address obesity but what I am going to address is the talk show. When I was younger I used to watch Jerry Springer with my jaw open at the way that Americans went about airing their dirty laundry in public and thankful that we were perhaps a little more reserved. How wrong I was!

Being off sick means daytime telly. This means Jeremy Kyle. My god people get a grip will. Where on earth do these people come from? Where on earth have they been dragged up from? Have they no shame? More inportantly for the young kids on there were the hell are the parents?. Some of the stuff, the things they have done and allowed themselves to become should have them hanging their heads in shame. It is truly unbelievable stuff. The young girls that go on there that have no idea who the father of their child is!. How the hell can you not know? Do you hold yourself in such low regard that you cant remember who's been putting what in you?.

They never seem to have a job all they do is drink, smoke dope and then hump anything that moves under their nose for longer than 30 seconds. They then sit there as if its some sort of badge of honour as they air every detail of their private lives on national TV. Sometimes the crowd will boo them sometimes they wont but what runs through this everyday is that there will be either a lie dectecor test or a DNA test at the end of it. We wonder why society is in such a mess when there are programmes like this on the telly?, Its like watching a fight net ween who has the mist brain cells and that way they will be declared the moral victors. Morals? These people have none. Its ridiculous. Where are there parents for god sake? Who has taken responsibility for bringing these people up?

Then there is the 'host' Jeremy Kyle who sits there like judge and jury shouting and embarrassing people and taking the moral high ground. At least Jerry Springer had the grace to laugh at them. Oh no not Jeremy he sits there and tells them what he thinks. He prods and pokes until he gets a reaction and then offers them aftercare as a responsible TV show. Hello? They shouldnt be on the telly in the first place!. These people have serious social issues and they need to be addressed not used as bait on a TV show where the host sits there on a moral pedestal shouting at them.

This country is in a mess. Everyone knows that. I could earn more money by going on the dole than I do working. That is crazy. The work ethic installed in me as a kid means I cant do that, I wont do that. I had four kids, yes money is tight and I'm not rolling in it like some of the idiots I used to know think I am. I go without, not a lot granted but when things need paying or buying for the kids then I do without. That's my responsibility as their father. What I don't do is stick my hand out and expect people to give me something for nothing. I don't go on Jeremy Kyle and try and get an endorsement and I don't sell my story to a cheap trashy mag for a few hundred quid. I get of my arse and go and earn the money.

Its about time that the feral and the reckless had a hard lesson in life that we the moral majority wont put up with them popping out kids they cant afford, take drugs that cant afford, get drunk on drink that cant afford and then appear on Jeremy Kyle to get a DNA test because they couldn't keep their pants or knickers on long enough and now need a DNA test to prove who the father of their child is. We have taken some wonderful things from America, unfortunately this really isn't one of them.


  1. In reading what you are saying I completely agree... I will say I sat down last night with the GF having a cuddle as you do, and flicking through the channels and put shameless on. Now I have never really seen this programme, and I have to say I was in shock and what was shown.

    Drugs drinking.. people trying to top themselves, making a mockery of *hild Pornography.... I have to say I was in total *ucking shock, from what I understand this is supposedly a hit show!! I just dont understand it, really I dont...In actual fact it was scary to think that people watch it.

    Perhaps its me... I dunno, but people enjoy watching that?? come on please...


  2. Jeremy Kyle's show sounds similar to The Steve Wilkos Show we have in the states currently. Wilkos was actually one of the security officers on Jerry Springer. I think Springer actually produces the show.
    You're right. Where DO they find these people? Sometimes I wonder if they pay them in drugs just so they will hop on the stage and act like complete fools.