Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines Day Why?

Marc's having a break for a few weeks due to moving house, so Ill be covering for him until he is ready to come back and do his Monday postings. The rest of the week will be my short stories which I thank you all for the very kind comments. So are you ready for a rant? Hold on people here it comes.

Okay this is going to sound a little strange coming from me as you all know I'm a huge fan of Christmas, but can someone tell me what is the point of Valentine's Day?. Personally I think its a load of overrated, commercialised crap to be honest. A chance for shops to make another killing, just after Christmas and before Easter. It has no religious significance and is, in my humble opinion a waste of time and money.

I don't need some executive to tell me to tell my wife I love her, I do that every day. I don't need some shop assistant to sell me flowers that the day after, or any other time of year will be half the price they are in the run up to Valentines Day. I also don't need to buy a cuddly toy or chocolates because someone tells me I have to. I do these things during the year at sporadic moments for my wife because I want to, NOT because someone decides its a great idea to make people spend another shed load of money that they don't have.

Not only that what about the people who are single on Valentines Day, through choice or circumstance, is this the chance for them to feel even more lonely?. To feel that the rest of the world is laughing at them due to their circumstance?. It really does get on my nerves the way that card shops, flower shops, and sweet shops, ram it down my throat that unless I get something for my wife today then I am obviously not in love with her.

Really? So what about when shes not well and I look after her? Or when I come home from work and tell her Ive arranged a baby sitter for the night and we are going out? When I kiss her goodnight and tell her I love her EVERY night?. Because I don't buy in to your stupid money making exercise that makes me a bad husband does it?. Get over yourself. I know this will upset some people and I make no apologies for what I'm saying, but remember this before you cast that first stone, or as in the most recent case press that send button.

Loving someone is a full-time job. Its about making them feel better when they have had a crap day, its about not cheating on them with the latest bit of fluff that took your eye, its about giving them your last penny to allow them to get the thing that they want the most, its about turning off the football and listening to them when they need to talk, its about unplugging the toilet when the kids have dropped Batman down it again, its about bathing the kids when she needs five minutes to herself, its about getting up in the night when one of them has been sick and letting her sleep because she has a harder day at work than you do, its about surprising her with gifts and cuddles on the sofa when the kids are asleep. ALL of that and more is what tells someone you love them, NOT going out and buying a card for a fiver and flowers for £20 quid because a marketing man makes you feel bad if you don't.

Valentine's Day is a special day for some people and I hope you have a fantastic time, I really do, I hope the cards you have bought, the flowers, presents and such forth are well received and cherished. For those of you proposing today? Well good luck, I proposed to my wife on Valentines Day 1996, on one knee listening to Unchained Melody from the film Ghost that we had seen on our first date. She said yes by the way in case you were wondering. Unfortunaltey the old cynic in me doesn't buy into it anymore. Now then I wonder if that all night petrol station is still open?.

Happy Valentines Day one and all.

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