Tuesday, 8 March 2011

One Day I Wish.................

I have been writing my blog for nearly about 8 months now. In that time I have tried many things and I'm only now beginning to find my writing style. The ability to write words in a way that is both entertaining and also memorable is a real skill. To get people to see the world as you do, to picture the things that you see in your head takes a talent that perhaps is beyond me at the moment.

I have written blogs I am proud of dont get me wrong, but there are others that I wish I could have exspressed myself better in. As you some of you know I have had an opportunity to try and turn Sammy The Elf into something a lot bigger. Can I do it? Im not sure. I love the story but making it stand out from an already saturated market? Well Ill give it my best shot. If I fail I shall try again. The more I write the better I get I know that. I didnt have the education that some of the people who's advice I have seeked and that scares me a little. The way that they use words is far better than I am able to do at this time.

Through twitter I have come across some of the best blogs I have ever read. I actually look forward to reading them in a way I did as I kid when Roy of the Rovers used to drop through the letterbox every Friday. I would rush downstairs, grab it excitedly and read it from cover to cover. Hamish and Mighty Mouse, Roy himself and Billy's boots. The pleasure I got from reading those words and looking at the pictures was a true joy. Something even now I can still feel the excitement I got from those comics.

Like that 9 year old child who couldn't wait to lose myself in the story's that were told. The same way I cherished the books by CS Lewis, Enid Blyton and other books I read as a child. I get that same level of excitement when I see these blogs appear.The way that these blogs are written, with such passion and subtleness is something I aspire to. Ive read a lot of websites telling me how to write and Ive also read a lot of books as well, telling me what the tricks of the trade are from their point of view. Wasted money? No because the more I read the more I learn after all they are published and I am not. To write though in the style that they do is something I aspire to, I don't seek their approval, that is not what this blog is about. I guess when I tell them Ive written this about them I shall have restraining orders taken out against me.

I envy them in the way that they are able to take me to places in the way that they do. I can picture clearly what they are saying and the way it is written. That is a real skill. Can I write as well as that? I'm not so sure but I will continue to write everyday. Until I am ready to be at the level that they are I will sit outside the room and look in through the misted window. Hoping that one day I find the way to express myself, the images I keep in my head and the thoughts that I have in a way that has others excited every time I post something.

I can picture things so clearly in my head, colours, emotions, people, but sometimes I struggle to convoy that to the page. It will come one day I'm sure but its not quite happening for me at the moment. I get excited when a new idea pops into my head, the way I can make the story unfold. The thrill I get realising that these people, these places are in my head and no one knows they are there until I write them down. Trying to convey the images into a story that people will like to read, not being able to sleep as the next few pages of my story whirl around my head, desperately trying to work their way into the story as if they are jealous of the thoughts that I have had already and written down.

When I write something that has festered in my mind for a few days the pleasure I get when I see those words on paper is a truly wonderful experience. To take an idea and make it real, to allow people to use their own imagination and see what you saw when you wrote it is a true gift. It takes time and patience and yes maybe it doesn't always work but at the time I published it I thought it did. The challenge every day is to get better. True contentment is doing what you want to do and being happy with your life. Am I there yet? In a small way but not as fully as I want to be.

I appreciate all the comments I get from the people that read these blogs. I know you comment on my Facebook page or send me emails and I am truly grateful for that it means a lot. For now though please take a moment to read the exceptional writing of my favourite bloggers, BaghabitsharonlongworthMr LondonStreetPhillip DoddOtherwordlyone. All I ask is that perhaps you come back to me if only fleetingly to see how much I have improved and perhaps find me no longer looking through that misted window but able to use words and tell story's in the way that they do. The way that they write is something I aspire to and I hope they take this blog as the huge compliment that it was meant to be.


  1. Anthony,
    I'm incredibly flattered - and thrilled to bits that you like my writing. Thank you.
    I've seen from Twitter the amount of time and effort you're putting into your writing and I've been so impressed by your commitment. So all I can say is please keep going - now I shall head off and read some more of your writing.

  2. Look matey, we are all learning, all trying to find a way. Me you and the others you mention. I'm really flattered you speak of me in such terms, but, honestly, you're one of us, a writer trying to find their own way. Keep writing!

  3. Hi Anthony

    Like the others I am extremely flattered by your kind words. It's always nice to meet other people who like what I am doing - it means a lot more when they are a writer too.

    Don't give up. I wrote for at least a year before I found my "voice" (way longer than it's taken you) and it wasn't until recently that I've started even considering calling myself a writer.

    If you ever want/need constructive criticism on a piece then give me a shout. Happy to help out if you think you need it.

    In the meantime just keep on writing. Will find you on twitter so I know when you have something out (I follow way too many blogs and fail to keep up with them all properly).