Sunday, 3 April 2011

To My Wife on Mothers Day

Sarah this is for you, on Mothers day. I know you dont do sentiment that much but I want other people to know how special you really are,  I love you very much and although I don't always say it or show it often enough I hope you enjoy your day.

Your the sane one, the one who doesnt let their emotions get in the way when dealing with the kids or other people. You are the one who the kids are scared off in a good way, they know not to push you too far.

You are the one that makes sure the school unifrom is at the end of  the beds before you go to work so all I have to do is dress them and take them too school. The club's are organised, the dinner money paid, it all runs so smoothly because of you.

You are the one that gets the boys off to sleep at night as they lay and cuddle you on the settee before I come home from work, I get to carry them up to bed, knowing the dreams they are having are full of love and fun, a gift from you to them.

You are the one that the girls have gone to as they grow up (something I am very grateful to you for).  You are the one who takes their friends home after they have been for dinner, no matter where they live you never moan about it you just do it.

You are the one that talks to all the Mums at the school and makes arrangements for who is going where and when, you are the one that makes sure they are in bed when they should be, safe and warm.

You are the one who will have a house full of everybodys kids, it never ever seems to bother you how many are here at any time. The noise, the chaos that it brings. You sort out the beds for them to sleep in and you are the one they come to when they are tired, or missing their own parents, you offer them comfort and reassurance, making sure when they do finally drop off that they know they are loved and treasured.

You are the one who lets our boys sneak into our bed when they are not well or just want a cuddle making sure that they take more of my side of the bed, I hear you giggling with them as I pretend to sleep. You get up and make them drinks if they are thirsty, even though you maybe exhausted.

You are in our kids eyes, the perfect Mum, the superhero who makes everything right with a kiss here and a cuddle there. To me you are my wife, my friend, my soulmate and the person I cannot ever see myself being without.

Without you none of it works, the family ties, the contact with friends, I'm crap at it and yet you make it look so easy. You know when to call and when not to, when to say something and when not to, whilst I blunder around doing and saying the wrong things most of the time, emotions getting in my way and opening my mouth 10 minutes before my brain engages, you correct it and don't even tell me to save my feelings.

Enjoy your day of burnt toast and cold tea in bed, the handmade cards, the kids nicking all your sweets. You'll make sure everyone is okay and happy before you start to enjoy your day, my mum, your mum, they will both be put first it's just the way you are.

They are lucky to have you as am I and I know when they get older it will be you the girls go to when their hearts get broken, who the boys will tell about their girlfriends, and Ill sit and watch it all as proud a man as I could possibly be that you chose me to spend your life with, I thank you for that every day.

I know there have been tough times, yet somehow you make sure we survie. You take the worry out of situations by being the one who is grounded, forever the optimist, the one who says well worry about it when it happens, whilst I will rant and worry and lose sleep. You are the love of my life, the best mother I know.

We are lucky to have you.

We all love you and always will.

Laura, Grace, Michael, Reece and me.

Happy Mothers Day.


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