Monday, 28 March 2011

Saturdays Protests In London

If this loses me followers then so be it but I feel so strongly about this that it would be against my integrity and beliefs if I didn't write a blog about this, after all that's why I started it in the first place.

We don't decide where or who are born to. We don't decide where we grow up, some of us are lucky enough to be born in a country that has democracy and some of us are unfortunate to be born into a country that is ravaged by famine and war. The only thing we control are the choices we make, the people we become friends with, the people that we work with, the people who we marry. Those are the choices that we make as human beings.

We are responsible for our own actions at all times, the decisions we make about how much we eat, how much we spend, whether what we do is against the law or whether it will change our lives. Some of the decisions we make seem right at the time others we regret with hindsight. To blame others for the choices we make when things go wrong is moving the blame and guilt from ourselves onto others.

We are lucky we live in a democratic country, we are allowed to vote for people who we feel will do the best for us at the time. It doesn't always work out this way but at least we have the choice. This weekend I have had a  discussion with a number of people about the actions of the minority in London over the weekend. I feel its important to remember that this was a minority and that the majority were peaceful people marching against what they feel are unfair and unjustified cuts by the coalition government. I'm not going to get all political here but I feel some of what has been said is so wrong it needs addressing.

A couple of people that I spoke too commented that what was happening in this country was similar to what was going on in the Middle East. No it isn't and that's an insult too them. I'm not condoning the bombing of Libya, I have my own opinion on that matter and I wont address it here. What I will say is that these people are taking their lives into their hands as dictators tell them how to spend their lives and if they go against them then they know they will probably pay with their lives. They cant go and protest on the streets in a peaceful manner, if they did what these thugs did in London yesterday they would have been killed.

The minority in  London yesterday as in previous marches are nothing but thugs. They are normally, but not always, rich spoilt little bastards who think they have the right to smash up property because they can. They then feel they can attack police officers with paint, taunt them with vile abuse and when the police retaliate then we should feel sorry for them. I have no sympathy for them at all, the faces of innocent people caught up in doing nothing more than shopping with their families on a Saturday afternoon means that the police have my full support in battering them into submission.

We as a country are in a bloody mess, yes the cuts may be too deep too fast but unless someone does something about it its going too get a whole lot worse. Should the banks be hammered? Of course they should they caused this issue by gambling on stock markets, but you cant have it both ways. If you live in prosperity and spend money you don't have, which the majority of people in this country have done in the past few years, you cant complain when its pay back time.

Is that too simple and not deep enough as to what the root causes are? Perhaps I don't profess to know everything or have all the answers, life is after all about making decisions we may not want to make but being happy with the ones we do. So to end my first rant in months let me just finish this blog with this.

It is every citizens right of the country we live in to have freedom of speech and to convey that anyway that does not contravene the laws of this land. To liken what those thugs did yesterday in London and those before them, to the troubles in the middle east is both idiotic, patronising and down right bloody ignorant. No one was going too die yesterday, the people in the middle east do every day. They are not the same they are very, very different.

Perhaps remember that the next time you take to the streets in this country to protest about something that you don't agree with and realise that by some quirk of fate you were born here and not there, and then realise how bloody lucky you really are.

That your freedom of speech isn't suppressed by a regime that will kill you if you ever say anything that they don't agree with. That you don't have to starve to death or walk miles for clean water, that at the end of the day the not matter how painful it is right now that's how its got to be. Its not fair on those that didn't overreach themselves but hey get over it life isn't fair. Its not about what you think is right for you as a person its about whats right for the country at this time.

By all means protest and march but if you break the laws of this land, or partake in behaviour deemed unacceptable to us the law abiding citizens of this country, then don't be surprised if we cheer when the weight of the law is brought down upon you. Most importantly though don't you bloody dare compare what you did on Saturday to those poor bastards in the Middle East, because that my friend is a bloody insult to them and their families and you should be ashamed for thinking it.


  1. I'm new to your blog, Anthony and given that I live in Australia I don't know much about the events you describe in England other than what's in our papers, not much.

    I agree with you though that it is not at all helpful to compare a 'scrum' in a democratic country like England, a protest that gets out of hand because of a few 'thugs' as you call them, with what's happening in the Middle East.

    And yo point your point very well here. I hope you don't lose followers out of it, but you've found one here.

    I'm here through resistant but persistent's blog.

  2. Hi Elisabeth thank you very much for following me. I haven't lost any yet that I know off its just that the way people compared the two really annoyed me as they are not similar by any stretch of the imagination and when they were being compared it really go to me. Thanks for your comments