Tuesday, 13 October 2015

It was 25 years ago today

The past few weeks I've put a few blogs on here for certain people who changed my life. Today is the anniversary of the day I met the person who I cannot live without. Happy anniversary Sarah.

I remember the first time I ever saw you, I was sitting in Ian's beige fiesta and you were walking down the side of Annalisa's house. Your enormous perm blowing in the wind, your Miami Vice jacket rolled to your elbows and a pair of blue jeans covering the shortest legs Id ever seen. You took my breath away and all I could say was 'Who the fuck is that?' to which Ian laughed and said 'You've no chance I know her' then carried on smoking his fag and laughing.

It took me a while to get more information out of him and and even more to get him to ask you for a number. I was 17 and sweating like a turkey at Christmas wondering how the hell I was going to get you to talk to me. All the bravado and swagger went, I was a mess but you made me laugh and I started to relax a little. I knew then I was gone, there was something about your smile the way you talked to me and made me relax a little that made me fall in love with you there and then. Not lust, hey I was 17 after all, but love like Id never felt before.

The years have passed and we still here together, now married with 4 wonderful kids and a life that I hope you enjoy as much as I do. As I have done to the others though Sarah its time to go back a little into our past together and have some fun.

Do you remember when you let one of our mates sisters use your ID to get into the night club when been going in for months and she got in and they wouldn't let you in as you had no ID? Talk about angry, four 6ft 6 bouncers sterioded up and you having ago at them as if they weren't even there. You bloody terrified them and eventually you let them in, I think mainly to stop you shouting at them. As I passed them smiling to myself one of them looked me straight in the eye and 'Jesus she don't mess about does she?' 'No she doesn't' I replied as I watched you storm of inside. Id never saw that side of you before and it made be love you anymore because I knew than that no matter what you would stand up for what you believed was right.

Have you forgiven me and Gary yet for emptying the fridge and filling it up with beer after you'd been shopping the day before and leaving it on the side in the flat? I blame him still, you know what hes like whens hes had a beer, he falls asleep!

Do you remember our first ever shopping trip buying food for the flat? We had a stand up row in the toilet roll isle of Sainburys over recycled and Andrex toilet roll. I was trying to stick to a budget and you was having none of it. The looks we were getting, both standing there with the toilet roll in our hands and both refusing to back down.

25 years Sarah is a long time, married now for 18 of those and still a day doesn't go bye when I don't realize how lucky I am. Its not always been easy and a bed of roses, but we've made it this far. Id never do anything to purposely hurt you, I'm the emotional one you are the sensible one. Where my heart rules my head you make sure that the fallout never lasts too long. We are like chalk and cheese with so many different things that we both enjoy separate but it works.

I watch you sleeping sometimes, grinding your teeth and shouting at the kids in your sleep, and hope that you know how much I love you, have I told you that day? Did I show you? If I've done something wrong how can I fix it the following day to make it better.

You are the one I want to grow old with, I knew that at 17 and I know it now at 42. Ill still know it in another 25 years. I don't want anyone else, I never have, and I never will. Marriage for me is for life, you chose me to commit too and Ill be forever grateful for that. The kids will grow up and move on with  their life's and all I hope is that they find someone as special to them as you are to me.

I want to still stand in the toilet roll isle with you at 80 arguing over quilted or double quilted rolls, I want to kiss you goodnight and share the memories of the kids and grand kids which no doubt will be filling our house in years to come. I'm in this for life and I thank you for allowing me to share your life with me.

When my time comes I want to go first, selfish perhaps, because dear Sarah the love of my life, I don't want to spend a day on this earth without you.

Love Tony xx

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