Friday, 24 June 2016

Independence Day

WOW!!!!! I cant think of anyway to start this blog other than that. When I went to bed last night I accepted that we would be tied to the EU forever, I awoke this morning to the news that we had voted out. Im not going to deny Im happy we are out. I know there are people who are not and to be honest some of the name calling and labelling thats been done by both sides today on Facebook and Twitter is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourselves for it.

The reason Remain lost is because a huge majority in this country are sick and tired of being lied to by politicians who dont listen to them and treat the majority of us with utter contempt. The people have had enough. To see Blair and Brown telling me to stay when they caused most of this mess made my blood boil.

To see Eddie Izzard telling me I should accept immigration into my area when he has no idea what its like pissed me off. To hear David Beckham telling me to stay when he doesn't even live here half the time pissed me off as well. Have either of them waited 2 weeks for a Dr's appointment? Not got their child's first choice of school? Seen the area they grew up in destroyed by people who are only here for our welfare? Have they ever had to work a zero hour contract? Of course they haven't, they have no idea what its like.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you got your first job? Do you remember when you bought your first place? I do and I want those feelings for my kids. Being part of the EU that wasn't going to happen. How many times have you heard the term 'affordable housing' when new homes are being built? We didn't need it 20 years ago because people could go to work and afford a home to build a future with. I want that again.

 I've never seen so many people turn out to vote as I did last night. It was packed in the voting hall. That was democracy in the making. People feeling that strong about something they went and voted on it. Well done all those that did whoever you voted for.

In the past 20 odd years weve been screwed by the banks, who still haven't been held accountable for the mess they caused, weve been screwed by politicians who took our money and called it expenses, weve been told by people we haven't elected what to do and how to do it because it suits other countries. Im sick and tired of it all and thats why tonight I shall raise a glass and cheer from the rafters that I've got a chance at getting my country back.

We are a small island and Im bloody proud of it. Call me a little Englander thats fine by me. I dont want to be French, I dont want to be German, I dont want to be Italian. If I did Id go and live in those countries. Im English and proud of it. We have bought up a generation of people that have lost their national identity, who have no idea what it feels like to own their own home, who have no idea what it was like before politicians decided to change our country.

We vote for them to do a job for us. They've forgotten that and we allowed them to do it. Last night we stood together and said 'No, no more, enough'. We have no idea what the future will be and that both excites and scares me. What I do know is its about time the MP's start to listen to us, the people, and stopped lining their pockets with extra wealth from Europe because it suits them.

I will not gloat at the fact you didn't agree with me, that was your right, but I will ask you now to stand by me and make this country a place we can all call home and be proud off once again. To lead where others have faltered and failed us. It wont be easy, we know that, but we stand on the edge of creating something very special, something that other countries can aspire to. To one day tell our children I did what I did for you, for your future, for your children's future. This country is a place we can build together, its a place we can be proud of once again, to hold our politicians to account and make them see we wont be threatened and talked to like children ever again. Last night was our line drawn in the sand, now we must join together.

History will tell us whether we did the right thing or not. The Prime Minister has resigned and I admire his integrity in doing so. He has stood by his principles and felt he cannot lead us into this uncertain future. We may now get a Prime Minister we haven't voted for the 3rd time in 26 years. That cannot be right. It needs to stop being about them and start being about us, the people who live here, work here and toil day after day to try and give our children and our families everything we want for them.

I will sweat blood and shed tears to make this country great again, I will strive to improve things for my family, I will instil a work ethic and a pride in being English in them that has been suppressed by the idea that we are European. We are not we are English, Welsh, Polish, Jewish, Sikh, Muslim, Scottish, Irish, Indian, and who ever else may live here. But before any of that we are British. No matter where you came from you're here you're British.


This is going to be one hell of a journey, the future is uncertain but we can now shape it. Does that not excite you? How many times do you get a blank slate in life? To try and make things better than they were before? This is our future, I cant wait.

This is our Independence Day.

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