Monday, 27 June 2016

Its my ball and Im going home

Do you remember playing football as a kid, you'd have all your mate together and you would be picking who was going to be whom? There was always that one kid who if he didn't get his own way would kick off wasn't there? You know the one, "If I cant be Ian Rush its my ball and I'm going home" and we all stood arguing amongst ourselves didn't we.

Fast forward to 2016 and here we are again. I have been labeled a racist, a xenophobe, a moron, having no economic idea, of destroying my kids future, of allowing my parents who are obviously too senile to vote. Of allowing the older generation to vote and destroy the youth of today's future. Well 64% of the 18-24 year age group cared so much they didn't even bother to vote! My crime? I voted OUT. Well let me just say this. Fuck Off!

Ive waited days to write this because I am so angry at the bile that is being spouted on Facebook and Twitter at me, at my friends and at their friends. Because I dont agree with you Im beneath you? Really?. I will personally enter into a debate with anyone about anything but the name calling has to stop and it has to stop now.

I dont want you signing a petition on my behalf because you think Im too thick to understand I've been lied to. Someone actually said that to me today on Facebook. I've seen Gray Lineker use his Twitter page to tell his followers they were wrong, I've seen J.K. Rowling promote another referendum, do I agree with them? Nope. Have I abused them? Nope. Have I pointed out my opinion? Yes. Still think I need help because I've been suckered in and lied to?

Well let me help you out a little.

Tony Blair " We have found weapons of mass destruction"
Tony Blair "We are not going to invade Iraq"
Nick Clegg "When we get into power we will get rid of all University fees for all students"
David Cameron " I will go to the EU and get us a better deal"

Do you get it now? All politicians lie. Thats a fact of life. In a perfect world they wouldn't but they do. What is also a fact is that we had a democratic vote and one side won and another side lost. The way that people are talking to each other on social media is astonishing. You would never dream of saying half the things I've seen to that persons face but you think its okay to tap away on a keyboard and say it?

I've seen friends turn against each other, I've seen family turn against each other. The level of patronizing crap I've seen written and thats has been directed at me is frankly disgusting. We are entitled to our choices, If I chose to stick a feather duster up my arse, dress up in Lederhosen and march around the town center singing a Town Called Malice, guess what I can, (Okay I may get arrested but it'll be my choice). If I decide that I dont like McDonald's then I dont eat it. Thats my choice.

Its also my choice of who I vote for and do you know what its also your choice who you vote for as well. It has absolutely nothing to do with me. The problem with social media is we have very few true friends on there. We have a load of acquaintances, people who we knew at school 30 years ago, who to be honest we never really liked but we are so nosy we have to know what they are up to. Thats life people and its great fun.

We dont see these people in real life, we dont interact with them in any other way than liking the odd photo or passing a comment. This whole referendum has blown this totally out of the water and people are saying really atrocious things to each other because there are not any consequences to it. They wont see these people and therefore they wont have to face them to justify what they say to them.

The people I interact with on Facebook and Twitter interest me. I respect their opinion, and if they dont respect mine I unfriend them, have a large drink and get over it. Thats my way of dealing with it. Im not going to tell anyone to move on, suck it up or laugh in their face because they didn't get their own way with this vote. I will however happily debate with them, because I enjoy a good debate, a no holds barred ruck if you must. I dont get personal, I dont throw insults why would I?

So if you want to agree to disagree then lets do that, but please dont label me anymore because the truth is you dont know me other than what I write about.

My Facebook page is always open to debate, as is my Twitter page. I write things sometimes to provoke a debate because its healthy to do so. Now where's my ball because if I cant be Glenn Hoddle then Im going home...........

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