Wednesday, 13 July 2016

I want to be leader, no I do, well lets vote on it then.

Today the fall out from the EU referendum continues. We have a new PM and a divided government. This is the time that the Labour party should be rubbing their hands together and laying into the Tories except, and I find this quite incredible, they are having a LEADERSHIP CONTEST OF THEIR OWN!. It was all fun and games getting old Jeremy in wasn't it, until they realized he couldn't inspire a one legged man in an arse kicking contest.

What a great idea it was, here was this man far to the left, the darling of the unions, the man who would lead them away from those horrible Blairittes who had won 3 elections on the trot. Here was the savior of the Labour Party endorsed by Russell Brand of all a people that famous millionaire socialist, along with that other famous millionaire socialist Martin Freeman. How we laughed along with them thinking how this was all going to work out. Well I have say well bloody done, your silence lately speaks volumes on how stupid you think the people of your party are.

The Lib Dems, are they even a party after the last election? Have the audacity to call for a snap general election. Talk about letting the turkeys vote for Christmas. If I was Theresa May Id be sitting there Thursday morning, letting my Champagne hangover settle a little and seriously would consider calling their bluff and doing exactly what they are asking for.

How tempting it would be to wipe out two parties in one fell swoop. Why do you think Labour MPs' are so desperate to get rid of good old Jeremy? Because they know he will lead them to losing their jobs and all the perks that go with it. Theresea May could potletnisaly increase the Tory majority into 3 figures without even trying.

There are always people who will vote Tory, the true blue majority who will vote for whoever is the leader of their party whether they like them or not. There will always be people who will vote Labour, the red socialist who believes that the ways of the past and their union brothers cannot be defeated by the snobs in the Conservative Party.

Then there people like me. Not affiliated to any one party and will vote for whoever they feel is the right party for them at that particular time. We make up the majority of voters in this country, we are the ones who swing elections one way or the other. We've been doing it for decades and we will continue to do so.

Labour with good old Jeremy in charge will be annihilated at a General Election for a few simple reasons. He doesn't inspire people enough. He cant deliver a speech of real passion. He cannot deliver when it really matters. When people like me go into a voting booth some of us may still be wavering on who we will vote for, we may tell our friends that we will vote Labour but when it comes to putting that cross next to their name we wont be able to do it.

We wont be able to vote for someone who we don't trust. Believe me I don't trust any of the MP's, I havent for a long time. The one thing all of the current crop lack is passion, a real fire in their belly attitude to inspire people, to make them believe that they can do what is needed. They are so worried about image that they have lost that connection with what made them enter politics in the first place.

Where are the Kinnocks, the Tebitts, the Hesletines, the Blairs? MP's that polarised opinion from both sides of the house, but showed they could deliver a passionate, killer speech when needed? They knew what people wanted to hear and delivered it in a way that made you either sit there and say 'YES! That's what I needed to hear' or 'Jesus really I cant believe he said that'. Either way people CARED. They talked and argued with their family and mates about it. Politics came alive.

Now we have a Labour party that has been dragged back 30 years by the unions, alienating people like me who just cannot and will not vote for a leader who cant lead and is too bloody stubborn to realise that if a general election was held tomorrow he would wipe out his party.

Like it or not John Smith transformed the Labour party from unelectable also rans to a party Tony Blair led to a general election win after general election win. Remember Kinnock couldn't even beat John Major when everyone assumed they'd walk it!. So what do Labour do when they lose? They revert to type and get Ed Milliband in and when he messes it all up, they vote for Jeremy Corbyn who in my opinion is a nice fella but do I want him leading my country? Hell No.

Until the Labour Party accept that times have changed, that the majority of people don't want to be run by unions pulling the party leaders strings, that by keep electing people like Jeremy Corbyn and Ed Milliband leaders of their party they will never win another election. Its that simple.

People want a passionate, inspiring, confident leader. Someone statesmen like who shows that they are listening to them and are holding the current government to account. Why on earth do you think Boris Johnson didn't run for party leader? Because he was none of those things and he knew he would be found out.

A strong opposition is essential if we as a country are to progress. At the moment we have a great big bloody mess of grown men and women acting like spoilt children and until that changes then we are headed down a route where the current government can do what the hell they like and no one can hold them to account.

For that the Labour party should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

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