Wednesday, 13 July 2016

All Lives Matter

The killings of the police officers in Dallas last week were a tragedy. Killed by snipers who used the protest that they were policing against them, they didn't stand a chance. America is once again in the headlines for the wrong reasons. A county that has racial issues that run deeper than any of us can ever hope to fully understand, I watch from afar and am glad I dont live there.

I love a lot of things about America, NFL, Baseball, Country Music to name a few. But there is also a lot I dont like and one of them is their rights to bare arms. The other thing I dislike is the Black Lives Matter movement, its racist and the sooner its condemned as such the sooner America can start to move forward.

Supported by famous people like Beyonce it has done more to cause friction between the black youth of America and the police force than anything since the beating of Rodney King, a deplorable act of police brutality that started the LA riots. Black Lives Matter is condemned by black police chiefs, by rational black politicians and yet in this country at the weekend a thousand people demonstrated in London backing it. It truly beggars belief. They had nothing better to do than use it to project their own issues in the wake of the deaths of police officers. Disgusting.

Yes there are issues with the way that some black people are treated by some officers of the law in America, that number is few and far between but its those that grab the headlines time and time again. There is a total lack of respect towards police officers caused by the young being brought up with the chips on their parents shoulders being passed generation to generation. If a police officer pulls you over the last thing he wants to do is fire his gun. If he asks you to do something, here is a tip bloody do it.

If he says put your hands up, then put your bloody hands up. Dont go sticking your hand in your pocket as your liable to get shot. How can it be that difficult to understand? In a country where you can buy a machine gun along with a bag of potatoes, why are people surprised when people go on the rampage with guns and kill people? These people put their lives on the line every-time they answer a radio call.

When the shots were being fired last week, when all these protesters calling for the death of police officers, when they were saying that ONLY black lives mattered, where did they run to? They ran away to hide and save themselves. Where did the black, the white, the Hispanic, police officers run to? They ran TOWARDS the gun shots, guns drawn ready to protect the very people protesting against them.

These were men and women with families at home who were protecting strangers because thats the job they chose to do. These were very brave, very special people who laid down their lives to save people who were professing hate against them.

The protesters should be ashamed of themselves. Their self serving attitude, their vile hatred towards the police should haunt them for the rest of their lives. In all walks of life, in all jobs there are good and bad people. Im tired of  these idiots who think the world owes them a living, like sheep they herd together, jumping on a band wagon, waving placards and hurling abuse at people because they can.

Yet the minute something happens they expect the very people that they were hurling abuse at them to protect them and lay down their lives for them. And they do. Time and time again. All over the world. These brave men and women do it because its their job and they believe in it.

Black lives matter is a racist movement, condemned by numerous police chiefs in America. It isn't about Black people, you are no more worthy of protection against police brutality than a white man, an Hispanic man, a Korean man, a Muslim man. Your life isn't worth more than the people who protect you when the shit hits the fan.

All lives matter and shame on you for thinking that you are worth more than the people that are protecting them.

God bless all those who serve to uphold the laws of their countries, its something Im too much of a coward to do. Im glad there are people like you brave enough to do it instead.

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