Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Poke his what?

Why do people feel the end to judge others all the time? The recent explosion of Pokemon Go in this country and around the world has took everyone by surprise but the hate towards the people that play it has been non stop. Here are a just a few of the comments I've seen on Facebook and Twitter.

"If you are a grown man playing Pokemon Go you're a Bellend"

"If you are playing Pokemon Go hand in your man card"

"Look at these c#### running around after a virtual Pokemon grow up"

"Whats wrong with these idiots do they not know its real?"

Why the hatred people? I watched a video of a thousand people chasing a Pokemon around Central Park and you know what I did? I laughed out loud thinking how brilliant that was. What an experience to be there.

If its not your thing then stop being a sheep and following the flock and let others enjoy it. Im fed up with people constantly putting others down because they dont like it. Why on earth is your opinion worth more than others, yep I get the irony. In a way its a form of bullying.

You get the leader of the pack post something on Facebook/Twitter and all of a sudden his friends will comment agreeing with it, those that are brave enough to say they enjoy something are often derided for saying so as the pack mentality sets in. Facebook gets more and more like a school playground every day. Here's a tip if you dont like it you haven't got to participate in it.

There isn't enough fun in anything anymore. We seem to have lost our way, instead of actually trying it to see if we like it, we say how we hate it and therefore deny ourselves the chance to have fun. With all the hate in the world perhaps its time we started to be more open about things and actually tried doing something different for a change.

A mate of mine Jay Stammers decided he was going to have a huge water-fight in his village at the weekend. Started having a bit of banter with his mate Dan Williams and all of s sudden there are 300 people dressed in Red and Blue shooting Water pistols at each other and having a brilliant time. Thats what life should be about! A bit if banter, a bit of organizing and before you know it young and old have had a brilliant experience together, something they wont ever forget. Superb well done lads.

Life should be about having fun, trying things that you haven't tried before, and if you dont like it so what? You had a go! Pokemon has opened up a world of fun for me and my boys, Im telling them about games I played as a kid, its started my interest in handheld games again and made me realize how much I miss them. So along with my boys I've got a new one and a Pokemon game for us to play together. Its also made me realize that I've had enough of being a grown up and every now and then I want to do things that are fun.

If you watch football you may wear the shirt of your team, the same for any sport, for a pop group, for a novelist, hell for even someone I've never heard of but thats okay because YOU enjoy it, and thats all that matters. Forget what others say, it doesn't matter, you may think it does but it doesn't. Trust me on this do what you like. Im going to.

I want to chase Pokemon around a field with my boys, I want to shoot water pistols and throw water bombs, I want to make stupid faces and laugh till my sides hurt. I want to be a kid again, not all the time sod that it was bad enough the first time, but just for a few hours each week, I want to have FUN!!!. If you dont like what I do then thats okay thats your right but dont try and spoil my fun by putting me down for doing it.

Just try and do something that made you happy once, it may make you happy again. There is enough misery in this world without us all adding to it. Life is too bloody short to not try and enjoy it a little more than we are at the minute.

Now can someone tell me what the hell a Pickahu is?

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