Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Big Interview - Who Is It?

Well here's the first of the Big Interview's and thank you very much too Ian Pearce who has volunteered for the first one. Ian is a Dagenham and Redbridge supporter also known as The Jerk From The Coach. He got the nickname because he went to any away match to Cardiff a few seasons ago on the official coaches and because he wanted a bit of fun the others took annoyance at this and labeled him with the nickname which he has kept. Ive met Ian a few times and he is a real gentle giant and one of the friendliest and nicest blokes I know. Anyway over to Ian and his answers to the questions I gave him

1 - Who are ya?       
My name is Ian Pearce, and i am not Chris Sutton's Assistant manager. I was born in Barking Essex, in 1982.  I have been a Dagenham and Redbrdige supporter since the year dot and have followed them all over the country.

2- Whats your favourite decade?
The 1980's without a doubt. The decade i was born in, the roots of my childhood, the earliest of my memories. Life seemed pretty decent.

3 - Favourite toy as a child?
I don't personally remember - i know i had a Dog stuffed toy (i think it was called Tom, like my cat way) and my mother tells me i used to sleep with a toy car every night, and if i was unable to sleep she used to rub it on my cheek and that sent me off. To this day we still have the car.

4 - Ever been arrested?
Yes, many many times. Cannot remember how many times in this country, but Drunk and disorderly, trespass on railway, climbing Tower Bridge when pissed, GBH with intent, and also in Belgium and Los Angeles. I went on a bit of a world tour when i was younger. Crazy daze!

5 - If  you could do anything other than what you are doing now what would it be?
I think i would operate my own coach business. Sad huh? I like old vehicles, I'd have to have a Leyland National.

6 - Whats your most embarrassing moment ever?
Probably walking through customs back from Belgium caked in blood and without any footwear. Pretty classy.

7 - Whats your favourite film and album of all time?
Film - Brick

Album - Throne Of Chaos 'Loss Angeles'

8 - Whats the worst job you've ever had?
The one I'm in has pretty much been my only job, so i suppose it is the best and the worst

9 - Whats your favourite place in the whole world?
I love the very North of Finland. The wilderness is a very special place, so much peace and tranquility, lovely scenery, snow, cold - it has it all!

10 - Tell us something we don't know about you?

My Granddad played football for Sunderland and Gillingham. If you go to any major record retailer, i guarantee I'll be able to find you an album which contains my name (and it is actually me) in the thank you list.
I asked Ian about the album one as it fascinated me, he has made a lot of friends in the music business when he was in Finland and they have genuinely added him to their albums as a thank you for all his support.
 So that was Ian Pearce, thanks very much mate. If anyone has any questions for him let me know and Ill pass them on and perhaps do a second interview with him if we get enough.
So who is it going to be next week? You'll have to wait and see wont you.

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