Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Big Interview

Thank you to Suzy Hall for this. She has become a good friend over the recent months and its my pleasure to give her a well desreved 15 minutes of fame. I asked her for 10 things I didnt know about her, slighty different from the others Ive done but just as good. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Left home aged 20 to live with my pal. 

2. Lived in 13 houses in my life.

3. I once bought the same house twice.

4. My youngest son was born with major heart problems (story in itself there) (first I wrote and got published)!

5. All my insecurities in life stem from my bioloical father.

6. I believe in ghosts and have apparently seen one as a child and think I seen others.

7. I have a Diploma Level 3 in Forensic and Psychological Criminology (something like that)

8. I have had 6 operations on my belly!

9. I now know what true love is!

10. My dream would be to spend one night playing Rizzo from Grease on the West End stage!

Suzy is a fellow blogger as well you can find more things out about her here including a strange thing about Peter Andre, well it takes all sorts I suppose.
Enjoy as always.

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