Saturday, 11 September 2010

An Open Letter To Premier League Footballers

Okay enough is enough. This by all means doesn't tar you all with the same brush as some of you are honest decent hard working professionals. However there is a huge element of you that are to be honest thick as an oak door. If your pampered agents and managers wont tell you then I shall because you are destroying my love for a game I cherish and you clearly do not. So shut up, sit down and pay attention, Rooney you may have to put the crayons down son this is big man stuff.

What the hell is wrong with you lot? You are pampered beyond belief, you are surrounded by people who do whatever you say, you earn more money in a month than nearly all of us will see in a decade. You have people that would give their right arm for what you have, people that sacrifice their own money to go and watch you kick a ball about for 90 minutes every week, children that put posters on their walls, that wait for hours just so you, YES YOU sign a piece of paper and perhaps say hello to them. How do you repay them? With the morals of the devil and an attitude that goes with it. To be honest it disgusts me now, Ive had enough.

Who you sleep with is your issue, if you want to sleep with a prostitute good luck to you, if you want to sleep with the quality that throws itself at you when you go out clubbing go ahead. However if you are going to do this then DON'T get married. My marriage means more to me than anything, to you its convenient, a trophy to show off. You have no respect for what a marriage is you idiots, why would you?. You do what you like anyway. You hurt YOUR families and show the kids of today that this type of behaviour is acceptable when we as parents spend years telling our kids its not. You treat women with utter contempt, I'm not excusing the girls that chase you they have serious self-esteem issues, but if you turned them away they wouldn't chase you in the first place would they?.

If you do not want to be a role model then stop taking the money that the advertisers PAY YOU to promote their products that are aimed at kids. It doesn't work both ways, but hey what would you know most of you cant even change a light bulb or a tyre, someone does that for you don't they? You bleat on about pressure, what pressure? Kicking a ball about for 90 minutes and winning a game which you then have bonuses paid for? You wouldn't know pressure if it bit you on the bottom. Pressure is going to do a job that you hate knowing that if you don't the mortgage wont be paid an your family will be on the street. Pressure is making your pittance of a salary stretch till the end of the month so as you can buy your kids shoes. You should be ashamed of yourselves for even mentioning pressure as an excuse.

You struggle playing for your country? When you can be bothered to turn up Terry and Lampard. Its a pleasure to represent your country when chosen. You represent us and half the time you cant be bothered to put the effort in. To much trouble is it? Sorry about that but hey what do you care your still getting fans loving you aren't you.

I have had enough now, as you can probably tell. You to be honest disgust me. My son wants to be a footballer, Id rather he be a politician. You are well paid, and talented but so cocooned in the worlds that you have created you think you can walk over us the ordinary punter, cheating, lying and beating us up when you feel like it and your stupid clubs protect you. Me? Id let you throw the full weight of the law at you and let you rot. I honestly hope the bubble bursts because it needs to. I don't begrudge you what you earn, sound strange after what Ive said? No not really I just want you to show us the fans a bit of RESPECT. Mostly though I want you to realise that kids watch what you do and think that's okay, its not and never has been.

So Rooney pick up your crayons and get on with your life. I hope she leaves you, I really do, you have a child man and you went with a prostitute real classy. Terry and Lampard? Id never pick them again. Lets see how often they kiss the badge this season shall we. Crouch? You idiot. Cole? Got what you deserved mate. Ramsey? Ill wait until the truth comes out. All the others with injunctions against the Sunday Papers? I hope it does come out perhaps then people will see you for what you really are wont they?

To the honest professional players, thank you its a pleasure watching you every week and YOU have my respect. The others, never have and never will.

Yours sincerely


  1. Thanks. They just really wind me up, they get untold richies but decide to show no responsibilty for their actions and refuse to accpet the are role models. Give me our lot in League 1 any day of the week.