Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Music And Me

Ive written a lot about my memories over the past few weeks and in doing so I have listened to a lot of old songs as well. Music plays a huge part in my life, always has always will do. I don't play an instrument, although Ive always fancied the guitar if I'm honest but never got round to it. I always saw myself up on stage doing some huge guitar solo, but hey guess it just wasn't meant to be. The closest Ill ever get is Guitar Hero.

I listen to music when I write these blogs, depending on what the subject is will depend on the music I listen to. I listen to music every chance I get if I'm honest. It influences my mood and my thoughts. I remember the first 7" I ever bought was "Oh Julie" by Shakin Stevens, I played that for hours and hours. I remember the first time I listened to The Beatles ( the red album 1962-1966) the first time I listened too ABBA. I remember the first concert I ever went to Michael Jackson Bad 1988. I can remember all of these things like they were yesterday.

The first time I listened too Elvis and was blown away by this guy in a white jump suit and the hold he had over his audience, the first time I heard Mr Bojangles by Sammy Davis Jnr that actually moved me to tears. The power of music is so underrated and it shouldn't be. Whatever it is it can move you when you least expect it. The Storm by Garth Brooks is another one that chokes me up or the video to Stay by Sugarland, its so simple but yet so powerful at the same time, click on the video bar opposite and watch the video for yourselves, youll see what I mean.

My favourite music recently has been Country Music my dream is to go to Nashville and hang about in the bars listening too at its a rawest. My favourite two singers at the moment are Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney. I was lucky to see Keith Urban a few years ago but would love to see Kenny Chesney tour here, so if you are reading this Kenny please come and tour here. Thanks.

Some people link events in their lives through experiences. Some like me link them through music. I can hear a song and be back in that time, that place, feeling the emotions I felt at the time instantly. If I hear Summertime I'm back in a car driving with the window down and I'm 18 all over again. If I hear Slideaway I'm back in Thresher's working the nights. If I hear Cuts Both Ways I'm back to my first summer romance. If I hear Hungry Like The Wolf by Duran Duran, I'm immediately transported back too being 10 again and the Christmas I got my first Walkman and Seven And The Ragged Tiger was the album I played for months on end, falling asleep with my headphones on of a night.Its amazing what an influence it has on me.

I play music to my kids as often as I can, I dance around with them in the kitchen singing as I go. I get on my knees for the boys as they are so young and we play air guitar to Bon Jovi or Queen.The girls will stand on my feet and well move slowly around the kitchen practising their wedding dance as we go. Those moments I treasure more than any other they are special to me. I can remember playing I Want Your Sex to my mum and her mate and wondering what all the fuss was about and why it was banned. I hear I'm Your Man and see my mate Jason standing in his living room singing it to the girl he fancied at the time hoping to impress her. Wonderful, wonderful memories.

Music has influenced my life in so many positive ways, be it that thumping Bon Jovi track before a job interview, to a slow song at my wedding, to buying all of the top ten the day my kids were born. Music is a wonderful experience whatever you listen to enjoy it. I do.

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