Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Big Interview........who's turn is it this week?

Marc has been banging on and dropping very unsubtle hints that he wants a go. So Marc here you are its your turn fella. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight and thanks for taking part.

Who Are Ya?

Marc Teiman from sunny Essex

What is your favourite decade?

Defiantly the 80's. A time for great music, happy memories and decent working mans football!

Your Favourite Toy As A Child?

Probably Lego or Stars Wars toys and if allowed as a toy my Commodore 64.

Ever Been Arrested?

Been cautioned for nicking  pick n mix as a child but not actually arrested ha ha!

If You Could Do Anything Other Than What You Are Doing Now What Would It Be?

I'd be a travel director running my own travel consultancy business. I'd be great at it as I love seeing new places, love travelling and love the way of life in other countries but like most things in life they take money to do them and that is in  short supply!

Most Embarrassing Moment Ever?

A few but one gem was being on hols years ago staying at some northern birds apartment waking up blind drunk and realising I was the other side of Majorca and trying to nick a pedalo too get back, I then got caught. Then I had to get a taxi in the end with half my clothes and shoes missing. You had to be there!

Favourite Film And Album Of All Time?

Shawshank Redemption- a true classic and probably Duran Duran greatest hits. One of my fave bands of the 80's

Worst Ever Job?

Market stall in Petticoat Lane. Up at 4am home at 6pm for pittance.

Favourite Place In The World And Why?

Of the places I have been to I would say New York- Ive been twice and would go again and again-fantastic city.

Finally Tell Us Something About You We Don't Know?

I have OCD but I don't let it affect me too badly. My desk at work has to be spotless, car door checked three times when locked, things at home lined up symmetrically etc- weirdo lol!.

Well there you are Marc finally gets his shot at fame. Hope you enjoyed that. There will be one a week all the way through to Christmas now and thanks for everyone that has agreed to take part.


  1. Shawshank Redemption thats a touching film... New York, yes I can understand I lived there for many years.. Im surprised about the OCD, you really kept that under wraps. All the best Marc its an eye opener... Anthony its interesting again.

    Regerds to all

  2. I love doing these. Ordinary people getting the chance to share some stuff about them. By far my favorite blogs. There's some real crackers coming as well.