Wednesday, 27 October 2010

What A Waste.

Why do we do it? Why do we brush aside people that are older than us in all walks of life? We ignore them or treat with them with very little respect. Not all of us I agree, but most of society as a whole does doesn't it?. It seems when you get to a certain age that you are no longer of use to society as a whole. What an absolute disgrace that is.

These people were young once and they have more life experience than any of us. They have been through more, learnt more, and experienced more than any of us. I have covered a place I used to work called Harrison and Gibson lately and I addressed the waste of knowledge that was thrown away when that place closed down.

It isn't just there though is it? Its all walks of life. We have bred a generation that thinks it knows best and treats our pensioners with so much disrespect it annoys the hell out of me. Have you ever taken the time to listen to someone older than you? Whether it be your Nan or Grandad or even a neighbour? I find them fascinating I really do. I could listen to them for hours.

My eldest daughter is doing evacuation in the Second World War at school at the moment. My Dad is old enough to have been part of the evacuation at the time and is very pleased that he has been asked to go into the school and talk about it. That is what I mean by using their experience. He will be able to tell them about things they wont read in a book or see on the telly.

It isn't just in the schools though is it? Its all walks of life. Be it marriage guidance or work experience. They have been there seen it and bought the t-shirt. They have lived so many lives that they could help us make better choices in our own. If only we would let them. Every generation thinks it knows more than the previous one. If that was the case then how come we keep making the same mistakes time and time again. We never learn do we? We think we know best because we are younger, we don't though do we? We need to let go of this arrogance because that is what it is and make a real effort to listen to the older generation. They may not always be right but if we don't listen then how the hell are we going too ever find out?.

They may not be able to use the latest mobile phones, the latest computers or the latest t.v.'s. So what? They can teach us so much more if we just gave them a chance and didn't write them off or treat them like idiots because they cant do these things. It really is time for there to be a change in the way they are treated.

We need to use this before it dies out and is lost forever. We need to take this information that they have and store it in our heads so as we can pass it on to our children. We need to stop and talk to them before its too late. When its gone its gone forever. We cant get it back. So as I said at the start lets start doing it now before all that experience and knowledge is lost and the only way we can get it back is through books and the Internet.

What a waste? No WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY!.

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