Sunday, 7 November 2010

An Open Letter To Bon Jovi

Hi Guys

I just wanted to say thanks really. Thanks for the wonderful memories your music has given me down the years and how important it has been in my life. From the first time I heard Livin On A Prayer at a disco in Barkingside too your appearance on the X Factor last weekend and your one night with show tonight its been a special journey.

I remember going to see you on the Slippery When Wet Tour in 1986 at Wembley Arena and being absolutely blown away by the sound and the noise as well as the energy that flew around the Arena that night. A new legend had been born.

I can remember buying New Jersey from Woolworth's in Romford. I bugged my mum for ages too buy it for me and she finally agreed. I went in bought the cassette and walked outside put it straight into my AWAI Walkman and waited for the first drum beats of Lay Your Hands On Me to burst through the headphones. I was the easiest child anyone had ever taken shopping after that. Listening to it on a Walkman on the way to school and trying to complete Bad Medicine without taking a breath with Mark Harrison was another special moment.

You then disappeared for a few years didn't you?. I guess you needed a break after all the touring you had done.There were issues with the band and one of you left making you a four piece from a five that I had grown up with. The one thing I loved about you though, that made you different from the other bands of the time and still sets you apart to this day? You let the fans chose the songs that make the albums. I wish I could have been there at one of those. A lucky few were played tracks you had recorded and then they chose, by a voting system what made the album and what didn't. Some true classics were formed this way weren't they? Dry County from the Keep The Faith Album and Living In Sin from the New Jersey Album. Two of my favourite records of all time but without this method they would never have made the Albums.

You have always been there at key points in my life as well. These Days came out whilst I was on my honeymoon and Crush came out and went to Number 1 the day my daughter was born. Have A Nice Day came out the year my eldest son was born as well. Your Albums and songs have touched on aspects of my life at the most important times and made them truly special.

My favourite memory though? Travelling too Southampton on a hot summers evening, Bon Jovi albums stacked and playing in the car as we made that journey. The reason? The Have A Nice Day tour was playing at St Marys that night. I watched as I had done many times as you had the crowd eating out of your hand all night long. The sun beating down and me? About two rows away from the edge of the stage watching a legend in action.

You are my favourite band of all time. You are the only band that I get excited about when I hear you have a new Album or Single coming out. Its been 25 years since I first heard your music and I just wanted to say thanks. Its been a blast and long may it continue, you are my generations Rolling Stones.



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