Tuesday, 2 November 2010

An Open Letter To Fabio Capello

Alright mate? Hows you? Feeling pretty crap I bet aren't you? It wasn't supposed to be like this was it?. All that success you've had in your career, this was supposed to be the pinnacle wasn't it?, the final cap of glory to end your career on a high, to go out a hero and be remembered forever. Not going to plan is it? Do you know what though? I don't blame you at all. Yep that's right I don't blame YOU!. Want to know why? Let me explain.

The problem you have is that the expectation on you is beyond reason. You haven't inherited the Golden Generation, there never was one fella. We had some good players of course we did but World Class? No way mate maybe Beckham but that was about it. You are used to working with the best aren't you? Where ever you have been the best have been there haven't they? Well if I was you Id be suing the FA for selling you a pack of lies. Me? I wouldn't even buy a second hand car off that lot mate. How I long for the day of Graham Kelly. What do we have now? Chief Execs who are too scared to do the right thing by us the fans. Yep that would be right.

Don't get me wrong you don't help yourself sometimes do you? Whiltshire for example, if you take him away from the Under 21's then play the lad. If not leave him where he is. I hear all the press are now crying for an English Manager because they will be so more successful. Listen fella it ain't going to happen and the reason is simple. The players don't care anymore. End of. They would rather play for their clubs than their country. You know it, I know it, and they know it.

All the greedy gits are interested in is where that next pound is coming from and who has the best car and watch. They just don't care about being part of a team that represents us the working man. Oh I know they would never come out and say it the press would wipe the floor with them, so they go through the process of being injured then miraculously being fit for the Saturday/Sunday/Monday game.

Fabio you seem like a nice fella, so if I was you Id walk away and tell them to get on with it. It may cost you some money but whats money to you ahead of your integrity and pride. I would understand as would fans from the other 76 football clubs NOT in the Premier League.

So tell them too stuff it mate, then watch as we qualify whilst being beaten to a pulp in the finals and the English manger does worse than you. Until the players change nothing will so chin up mate and tell them too stick it.

Cheers Fella


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  1. This is what i have been saying!!

    we do not have a world class international squad!!
    maybe if we treated the world cup like Daggers getting to the 3rd round of the FA cup. you know and actually enjoyed being the underdogs that we are, we might not have these pundits saying "ooooh where did it all go wrong!"

    not hard to answer really, we're shit lol

    good blog dude!