Thursday, 15 September 2016

Kids killing kids

We are bringing up a society of disrespectful arseholes. Who is to blame for this? The parents, no sorry parent is the wrong word, these people are sperm donors and child carriers, they have children for the sake of the amount of benefits they can claim and the rest of us are paying the price. If you dont want the child then put something on the end of it or dont have sex! Why should I be worried about my kids growing up because you cant be arsed to deal with yours?

The news is once again filled with the untimely deaths of young people who have been stabbed by their peers because they can. Its that bloody simple. They carry knives because they can. They stab people because they can. They haven't been taught respect or manners because their sperm donors
 and child carriers though the idea of being a 'parent' was to sit them down in front of an Xbox or PlayStation and let other people bring up their kids.

They blame the teachers for disciplining them, for trying desperately hard to try and give them some of pride in their work, to try and get them to be an asset to society and when they try and discipline them for their unacceptable behaviour they turn on the teachers. The kids know this and use it against them so the teachers in the end give up and I dont blame them.

They blame the police for trying to do their job, which is to protect the law abiding citizens of this country from the scum that carry knives. They wont let them stop and search anymore because its against their human rights. These arseholes know it and the sperm donors and child carriers know it as well.

Yet the Police go about their day doing the best they can. They deliver the news of another innocent life taken because an arsehole decided to carry a knife that day. They try and save the 14 year old boy who has multiple stab wounds because he looked at someone the wrong way. They try and stem the bleeding, they try and give this child life, while their colleagues hold back the baying mob that surrounds them demanding that the police do their job. The very job that the sperm donors and the child carriers have been stopping them doing for years.

But its okay, its not their fault, its someones else yet again. They cant control their child, why is that? Because they chose not to. They didn't care where their child spent his formative years because he wasn't under their feet whilst they surfed Facebook and twitter. They didn't care that their child was being led astray by older boys who hung around in gangs, because they didn't have to deal with them.

They didn't care enough when the police started to bring them home or stopped them in the street for suspicious behaviour, they were loud and proud shouting at the the Police to tell them how they were going to sue them, but they didn't smack their kids or teach them respect or right from bloody wrong. No that was someone else job not theirs. They just continued to collect their benefits.

Yet it these people who are splashed all over the papers saying what a little cherub he was when hes been stabbed to death, or when he has stabbed someone else. ITS ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE FAULT, ITS NEVER THEIRS.

I was bought up to respect my elders, I was bought up to respect my peers and if you carried a knife when I was a kid you were a COWARD not some hero. We need to stop worrying about hurting the sperm donors and the child carriers feelings and start worrying about the innocent people being stabbed and killed on streets DAILY.

So here is how I would stop it.

1. The Police to have full stop and search powers immediately. If the civil rights mob start tough shit I DONT CARE. Im sick to death of kids KILLING kids, because no one will deal with the issue. Not one single government has the BALLS to do this.

2. If caught with a knife on you and its proven to be yours 5 years inside. If we need to build more prisons then lest do it.

3. If the you kill stab someone 10 years inside no parole until the full 10 years have been served.

4. If you kill someone with a knife then life means life. No argument.

5. As the sperm donor or child carrier of the arsehole who has done this then you pay the price as well. Depending on what they have done you will be punished as well.

I dont care if people think Im being an idiot, until someone takes control of this issue which is out of control in this country then our TV screens will be full of kids being killed. I hope its not one of yours. Its time to start taking back responsibility for the children that we bring into this world. You decided to have the child then give that kid a chance. No kid is born wanting to stab another its a lesson that is learnt. Stop being a sperm donor and a child carrier and start being a FUCKING PARENT and give your kids and my kids a chance to live their life, without the fear of someone stabbing them because THEY CAN.

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