Monday, 20 September 2010

The Big Interview........who's turn is it this week?

This week its the turn of Dawn Sarah Roberts. Dawn is a lot off fun and is always having banter with a few others on Facebook winding Marc up normally. So Dawn its your turn to have 15 minutes of fame. Hope you enjoy it.

Who Are Ya?

Single mum of 2 little horrors, loving life :)

Your Favourite Decade?

Defiantly the 80's, great music and very happy childhood memories and carefree days.

Your Favourite Toy As  A Child?

Millennium Falcon or Barbie, not sure which I played with most.

Worst Ever Haircut?

At the age of 10 my mum took me to the hairdressers and told them to 'just cut it short' my waist length hair was a different memory and I came out looking like a boy!

What Job Would You Like To Do More Than Any Other?

I would love to be a celebrity journalist, stalk the rich and famous.

Your Most Embarrassing Moment Ever?

Uummmm running for one of those old buses in London which used to open at the back (the route master), going to grab the pole, completely missing and falling flat on my face in Tottenham Court Road.

Your Favourite Film and Album Of All Time?

Pretty Woman for film and album would be Then Jerico- The Big Area

Your Worst Job Ever?

My Dad used to take me out on his milk round and I hated it, up at 4 in the morning, freezing cold and that awful slow milk float, all for a couple of quid!!!

Your Most Favourite Place In The World Ever?

Seeing the sun come up on Southend Beach, beats the Bahamas any day!

Tell Us Something We Don't Know About You?

3 years ago I split with my husband and lost 6 stone in 18 months, Id recommend the Divorce Diet to anyone :-) x

There you go then that was Dawn, thanks very much for taking part and keep winding Marc up you know he enjoys it!!!

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  1. Jerkus Von Coachus20 September 2010 at 20:59

    I love the comment about the sunset on Southend beach, makes me think this is a very realistic young lady.

    I also think i need to get married so i can go on this divorce diet she speaks off. The only other way im gonna lose 6 stone is if i cut off my head, whcih isnt likely to happen.