Sunday, 19 September 2010

My Favourite Season

My favourite season is on its way and I'm getting excited. Winter is on its way. What I hear you say? Winter? Whats up with you man? Its got to be summer! Or has it? Perhaps over the course of this blog I may be able to change your mind a little bit about what Winter means to me and who knows you may even embrace it a little more.

I love Winter. There is something about watching the world change. Its like a fresh start, a chance for nature to have a break, to get things ready for the next year, to have a rest. I love the fact that sometimes when I get up in the morning its so dark and cold I can see my breath as I walk down the street. There is something refreshing about a cold winters morning. The freshness it brings to your face and the surroundings. A chance to breathe sharp clean air.

The wearing of thick comfortable clothes is also a plus. I like the summer but you never know whether its going to be hot or cold, or even raining. With Winter you know what your getting. Its going to be cold all the time. Great you can plan for that cant you?. Snow falling as well, when we get it, is a beautiful sight. We all moan about it but I bet you've had a snowball fight with your kids and built snowmen as well haven't you? See thought you had.

Football is better in winter as well. Sitting in a freezing cold stand, not being able to feel your hands or your feet, clutching a cup of tea, watching the floodlights come on and hoping that you can snatch that much needed win to make you feel better. That's a great feeling. Football doesn't have the same feel in the summer. I prefer football in the winter. I enjoy it more then than any other time of the year. Bring it on that away day to Brighton in the depth of winter. So as I can walk along the seaside, everything shut and calm, the wind whipping up the sea as it crashes on the shore. Ill have that any day of the week.

The other best bit of Winter? Christmas. My favourite time of the year. Getting a tree that's too big into the house, then decorating it, buying and wrapping presents and putting them under the tree. Hanging up decorations and stockings and waiting for the kids to wake up in the morning asking if he has been?. You cant beat it. That is what winter is all about.

The other great thing that happens in winter. Go on guess? No? Okay then New Years Eve. A chance to get rid of all the bad stuff that has happened in the past year, a chance to start again, a fresh start, a new year. Its a wonderful chance to really make some decisions about what you want to do with the year ahead isn't it?

You don't get all this at any other time of the year, some much changes, its like nature is deciding that she wants a clear out so as she can start again. Embrace it and enjoy it. Look at winter differently and you never know you may even start to enjoy those nights when you get in so cold that all you want to do is snuggle up and eat food that's no good for you. Winter is a wonderful time of year. I love it but have I convinced you now?


  1. I like it cold nights the candles on... Getting smoochy with the Mrs, or in my case girlfriend its a nice feeling. This year for me is going to be pretty different, new things new beginnings!! Hey its a new relationship.. What a women (wow) Perhaps Christmas has come early for me!!
    Regards to all... :)

  2. You reminded me of all the good things about winter, the cosying up inside when the wind, rain and snow are hitting the windows, and the lights are off but the fire is glowing (even the electric fire)now I can't wait...:)

  3. See told you didn't I winter is a great season for so many more reasons than people think.

  4. Nah, costs too much in heating and lighting.

    The roads are lethal, you can't enjoy the garden and the footy gets cancelled.

    Bah Humbug

  5. Lol Paul a trip as Father Christmas in a department store is now lined up for you.