Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Big Interview........who's turn is it this week?

Well to be honest it couldn't really be anybody else this week with a drink ensuing this Friday, she is going too need something to brag about, although that's never stopped her before. So Michelle here you go its your turn. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.

Who Are Ya?

Michelle Stokes - 36 Years Young :-) - 2 Daughters 14 and 10 & I have a partner "Dave" who I have been with for 19 Years (don't believe in Marriage but it may be something I do before I die) Living in Dagenham (the Goodmayes part, not that I am a snob or anything) since I purchased my house 13 years ago, previous to that lived in Goodmayes, Ilford, Walthamstow, Chingford, Seven Kings, Wanstead & Leyton, where I was born!!! Come on you O's lol x (Oh shush its Dagenham and Redbridge or nothing on here The Editor)

Favourite decade?

Has to be the 90's really, I met Dave started a family and my eldest daughter Maggie was born, bought my house, decent car, became a very young Accounts & Office Manager for a Law firm. Everything kinda just fell into place in that decade, although I will always have very fond memories of the 80's music, fashion and teenage naughtiness lol. Maybe I should say the 70's coz that's when I was born err! Nah sod it 2040's coz I will have hopefully retired by then :-) ha ha! I am sooo indecisive, you are going to regret ever asking me to do this interview lol x
Your Favourite toy as a child?

Apart from my Sindy & all of her lovely clothes, I spent most of my time on my various bikes, they were my fun, my independence, my freedom, my escape, my transport, my exercise, of all the bikes including, A white bike with green coloured writing called a Polo (yes like the mint lol), my fold up Raleigh which tended to unfold whilst turning corners which meant the handle bars went one way with the front wheel whilst the seat and back wheel went the other way!! But of them all I loved my Shiny Silver BMX 2000 with blue leather cover things in the middle of the handle bars and the tube like one over the cross bar, what do you call them things? I was so proud of my BMX and its stunt nuts which I believe these days they call stunt pegs! Even though it wasn't a really cool one like a Mongoose and it came from a strange store that used to be around in the 80's called "House of Holland". It's my youngest daughter's 10th birthday next month and we have just paid a Deposit on a BMX that she wants, I hope she has as much fun on hers as I did mine :-)

Worst Ever Haircut?

Worst haircut must have been that Mullet I used to have when I started at SKHS (Seven Kings High School) - I often get ribbed about that when people see pics of me at school, not long after that after having a shaggy perm (as you did in the 80's lol) I had a colouring incident whereby my older Step Sister Joanne was training to be a hairdresser or she may have just qualified and she was blonding me up when she dropped the lid into the pot of dye that she was putting on my hair. I looked at the lid that had been white and it was then grey!!! Hence once she had finished doing my hair it actually turned out grey instead of a lovely sunny blond!!! OMG! I didn't go to school for a few days until I got to a hairdressing Salon and got them to rectify her mess!

If I could do anything other than what you are doing now, what would it be?

I would have loved to have got into some kind of acting, a few times I have had the opportunity to get on a stage and have loved every minute of it, totally losing any nervousness as soon as I am under that light. More realistically though I have always wanted to start my own business.....maybe one day when I can find a gap in the market.

Most embarrassing moment ever?

Most recently? On a SKHS reunion when Gurps picked me up whilst we were all dancing then proceeded to drop me on my face, I think I styled it out coz I just jumped up and carried on dancing whilst he ran off to the toilet lol but previous to that it has got to be when I was on holiday in Cyprus not long after my Mum & Step dad split up so I must have been about 18 and us girls got talking to these Irish guys and one of them sat down in his boxer shorts and the wee hole bit at the front gapped open, so I asked his friend what his name was and shouted over "Paul, you're hanging out" lol everyone laughed and it was very funny, a few days later we were all on the beach and I had a vest top and bikini's bottoms on, no bikini top underneath, we were all chatting and laughing and as I lent forward laughing when I sat up again one of my boobs had popped out over my vest top, just the one, but I hadn't noticed, so Paul turns round to me and says "Michelle, You're hanging out", well as you can imaging everyone thought it was hilarious that he got me back but I just died of embarrassment :-(

Favourite Film and album of all time?

Do you know what? It has to be Grease I am afraid, the fact that I have watched it over a thousand times, possibly as much as 2000 it just has to be that. Album Hmmmmm well I have always had a very strange taste in music and I have always been crap at remembering artists and even the names of songs (yes I am weird) but I know what I like when I hear it, amongst my tastes are: my all time dream Robbie Williams but I love Pink Floyd, Stranglers, Whitney Houston, Sly & Robbie, Beastie Boys, REM, George Michael, Pet shop boys, Jean Michel Jarre, Mika, Specials but my Fav Album has to be Bob Marley - Exodus......only bout 75% sure of that though :-/

Worst Job Ever?

I have worked in a few Law Firms now but the worst one ever was in Gants Hill (mostly I have worked in the City/West End but I had a local stint for a few years from 2002-06), The Managing partner there was the biggest arsehole I have ever come across and for the several months that I worked there he made my life hell, I got soo ill! You know how you used to feel when you were at school and you had to do 100's of lines as punishment for say not doing your homework and when you handed the lines in the teacher would rip them up and put them in the bin well that's how he made me feel about everything I did and I could not do anything right as far as he was concerned. I was working till about 2am each day at home to get these really complicated spreadsheets that was humanly impossible to do in the time he wanted them. I have never had any complaints about my work and was stunned, I changed into a completely different person. The week I was leaving he looked through all the work I had been doing and was handing over and was really impressed because he thought someone else has done it but still couldn't bring himself to say anything decent to me about it.

Favourite place in the world?

Antigua, Dave and I went there in 1994 for two weeks and it was the best destination I have ever been - 365 beaches, one for each day of the year, the little shanty huts, the colours, the music and smell the sound, steel drums, chicken, laid back, fantastic cocktails, we really got to see everything as our accommodation was self catering so it made you get out and about and experience the whole Island. Our accommodation was a beach hut on stilts with our own little bit of beach that you could have a little night swim, well Dave did but I was a bit scaredy so I watched him skinny-dip from our balcony with the family of kittens I had adopted. So much better than these All Inclusive that you never leave and could be anywhere and need not know where. I haven't been to anywhere else in the West Indies (Caribbean) (apart from Dom Rep but I am not counting that as they speak Spanish lol) but I think I would like most of them - It is just my kind of place and Dave and I seriously thought about moving there after our holiday. If someone came to me with a business proposition in the Caribbean I would bite their hand off.

Finally, tell us something we don't know about you?

I love Heston Blumenthal, he is pure genius - Sorry I just had to get that one in for Marc as it is my last question and couldn't refer to him earlier - I know Marc (Tieman a previous Big Interview) is a big fan of His :-)

I am a member of the National Trust but alternate my membership each year with English Heritage and have been to more stately homes and castles than the Queen!!!!

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