Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Ten Best Things About Christmas

Okay after my Ten Worst things blog yesterday its time too get back in the Christmas spirit and tell you about the Ten Best things about Christmas. The reason why I love it and always will. So starting at Number 10 lets get this list going and try and make all the Scrooges see it from our point of view.

Number 10: The Decorations: Whats not too love about a bit of glitz and glam at Christmas. From decorating the tree to hanging up the tinsel, whats not to like about it? Everywhere you go people make the effort and some of the house around where I live look great. When it gets dark it is a real pleasure to walk home along, what are at all other times of the year, brightly lit and fun, streets.

Number 9: The Coke Advert: A tradition that has started over the last decade that it isn't truly the start of Christmas until you see the Coke advert. I know its purely done too make you buy more Coke but come on that advert is superb isn't it?

Number 8: Crackers: The rubbish jokes, the stupid colourful paper hats, the stupid prizes inside them, I love them!. When at any time of the year do you all sit around the table pulling crackers and everyone puts on a paper hat that doesn't fit and tears in minutes? No other time than Christmas. You've got too love it haven't you.

Number 7: Christmas Lists: I have four kids who sit there at the beginning of December with the Argos book and write a 14 page list of what they want for Christmas. They then right a letter in their best handwriting, they write a letter to the big guy in the Red suit and post it off. I love the fact that they get so excited when they do this. I want to bottle this and never let it go. I know as they get older this will stop so Ill cherish it whilst I can and make no excuse for that.

Number 6: My Mums Tradition: This started when Laura was 3. She would go and stay at my mums the night before Christmas Eve and get spoilt rotten. They would sit there watching Christmas films and eating loads of sweets. Then Mum will do a HUGE breakfast the next day which is Christmas Eve. They will then spend the day eating more rubbish food, watching more Christmas films, then she comes home all excited and happy ready for Christmas day itself. This year Mum is doing this with my four kids and my two nephews as well. When Mum cant do this anymore which wont be for many years, I shall carry this on as I love the idea of it.

Number 5: Christmas Shopping: I love Christmas Shopping. Going out and buying things that I know people will love to open on Christmas Day. Its what its all about. Making sure you make the right choice and seeing the joy in peoples faces when you surprise them, that's what its all about for me.

Number 4: Christmas Eve: When the kids have gone too bed, after being tucked up all excited and the bell is rung downstairs by my wife which we tell the kids is Father Christmas's reindeer. We go downstairs and make all the presents up, get the mince pies, carrots and whisky out ready for the arrival of the big guy, and then when that's all done we sit and watch the telly. Just the two of us surrounded by wrapped up presents a little excited by what lays ahead in the morning. You cant beat by those few hours before the day arrives, they are very precious to me and my wife.

Number 3: Christmas Morning: Being woken up by crys of 'he's been, he's been' you cant buy that in my opinion. The joy and mess that then follows as presents are ripped open, the living room is covered in paper and the kids don't know which too play with first. I love that part of Christmas, and sitting in the middle of it is my wife and I watching the kids having the time of their lives.

Number 2: Christmas Dinner: I hate Turkey so for the last few years Ive had beef and pork. Apart from that though all the trimmings. Yes even Brussels Sprouts. There is nothing better than sitting down with all the family and having Christmas dinner together. The starter, the main and then the desert, trying not too burn the house down as you light the Christmas Pudding. Its a time too stuff your face and enjoy a wonderfully cooked meal. My favourite of the year by far.

Number 1: Family: I know they was on the hate list but to me this is what makes Christmas special. I have my own wonderful kids, my very beautiful and understanding wife as well as my in-laws my parents and the collection of brother-in-laws and nephews. Mostly though I have my sister, we have argued and fought as kids, but sitting there on Christmas day with our kids running around and us as well as our own families, it makes me very proud of how we are still all together and closer than ever. That for me is what Christmas is all about, family.

So there we go then, I hope you now understand a little more about why I love this silly season called Christmas. Is there anything you love about Christmas that I haven't mentioned? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Christmas Everyone x

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